Kudeta, Bali

Aloha guys!

This is my last Bali post. Like it or not, this is the last. We’ve finally come to an end.

Leaving Bloo Lagoon to Canggu (one hour drive).

Everybody (except me) was hungry after all the snorkeling and diving so they had bakso at the road side while I,

Chased chickens to cam whore with em’.

You may laugh all you want but everyone had diarrhea after the bakso except me. For once, aunty rose saved my tummy. I was so happy; not happy cause everyone lao sai, but happy that I didn’t have to go thru all that whilst traveling. It would’ve been a bitch!

Ku De Ta

“Described by newspapers as one of the best places in the world to do a marriage proposal”, says Kenny.

A floral Ringo.


We girls!

ONE of my fav pictures from Bali… <3

So I proposed to Ringo under the sunset.

Speaking of the sun… Poor Jac!

Lorong paling seksi.

We left Ku De Ta for bikini shopping after and I bought a very awesome pair for myself. Not gonna show it to you until I wear it for my NEXT trip to Bali this year!

Checked in my favourite resort (SO FAR) – Taman Desa Villas :

MUST HAVE: Swimming pool.

MUST MUST HAVE: Aladdin bed under the stars!


Almost at Cheeserland.

Jasmine & Aladdin scandal on the bed wtf


Somehow managed to lure Kenny to do the hot stone massage too!

Seeing this picture somehow makes me want a squeeze on my neck too~

Super wide living room where mushroom sprouts.

Dinner after massage + LOBSTER BISQUE = Orgasm

The bathroom.

My crib also has this thing now!


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  1. i miss u and i miss bali!

  2. beautiful bali~ i’m hoping to visit one fine day. The hotel for some odd reason reminds me of your room! lolx.

    have a great trip to KT! post em’ picks up and make us green with enviesssss* 😉

    1. haha! it does? but mine’s more red hehe!! i will post picsssss of KT! 😉

  3. I very much like the tree filled with the orange tanglung thing and OF COURSE! The SKY & the three of yous’ there by the beach! Can’t wait for the friggin trip!! I got a job for a drama dee! Yays!

    1. YAY! & then we 3 pulak with orange background by the beach!! 😀

  4. Nice photos on Bali. Still waiting to get enough money to go to Bali.

    On the blackberry package.. I’m definately gonna check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. hey~ 2000 bucks should be more than enuf wann! good luck!!

  5. Ur dress is so prettty!
    and i like how you matched it with the headband 🙂

    1. 😀 they r both from Forever 21

  6. seems like u’re having tons of fun!
    i want a holiday getaway @ bali too~~!

    1. when Air Asia has promo quick buy tics okk

  7. I love your dress!!! I hope to go Bali tooooo 🙁

    1. aww thanks~ u can; y not?? 🙂

  8. Ah…Bali nice place, my yearly must retreat.

  9. Wah..u use my name
    need to pay royalty..
    so how much do i get ;p

    1. i gv u publicity so shut up. =P

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