Siem Reap II


We lodged at a cozy place opposite the most beautiful brown river named Rosy Guesthouse. i’ve seen so many good comments about it on TripAdvisor that i couldn’t help but notice. Personally, i think it fits the description pretty well – it’s rosy, and good! Here’s a glimpse of how it looks like:


{don’t overlook : the little white signboard}


{the tranquil alley on the way upstairs}


{my clean and simple bed}


{wall ‘deco’}


{freshened up and ready for the night!}


{had one of the best Virgin Marys in my life at the guesthouse itself. a German rival here}


{and out to the streets we go!}


{we chanced upon this too late, but please, dine at Amok for us if you can}


{all about Khmer food}


{and drink(s)}


{Must Visit #4 (continuation from Part I) : Art Center Night Market}


{Oli captured my reaction at the beginning of a foot massage. we thought it epic}


{it was so ticklish my brain is all scrambles just thinking about it}


{went with one, came back with three}


{complete with cheap manicure too – on a towel with lots of dirt from other people’s fingers}


{then we hit Pub Street ala the Changkat of Siem Reap. a Must Visit #5}




{and ended the night with some crazy partying leaving your eyes kaleidoscopic}

I must say that to not have data roam when travelling (and having to search for WiFi everywhere), is like trying to hunt a rare butterfly using a broken net. So the first thing I fix whenever I land at a new country is ‘the internet’.

The pioneering reason is to Whatsapp my parents of my arrival and to give them a peace of mind of my safety from time-to-time (especially when I am travelling alone) by updating them with my voice clips and pictures.

Equally important to that, is about being able to navigate around any foreign place you’re at. Trust me – the last thing you want to do is hunting for WiFi when you are lost in the rain or trying to read a map when it gets dark at night. Any of that rang a bell?

I try my best to cut down the time spent online when I am ‘out exploring the world’, but as a blogger on-the-go, it is important that I don’t neglect my virtual world as well. Hence, to be able to update my social media channels and blog swiftly whenever I want, it is impossible for me to solely rely on WiFi.

So here’s a golden rule for a balanced, happy travel: Fix your data roam!

If you are a frequent traveller like me, make sure to check out Maxis’s new data roam package here to find out how you can stay connected with worry-free roaming, using only one flat rate for 106 countries at only RM38 per day.

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