Tossa de Mar

tossa de mar

Living at a place like Tossa is a lifelong dream; ergo, I decided to taste a slice of this fantasy waayyy earlier before retirement. I wanted to capture all this beauty in my mind and own them in my heart while I am still youthful, so that I’ll have colorful memories that will always accompany me as I walk through the different stages of life. Who says you’ve got to wait till you’re old to enjoy life the way you imagine it, right?

Tossa de Mar makes one feel like being at a medieval castle in the air. The walled-in town is decorated with towering blooming flowers and catalan flags dancing gaily above laid-back heads. Take a leisure hike around the castle all the way to the lighthouse and breathe in the musky scent of a thousand acorns hanging on trees.

Outside the ‘wall’ is the sparkling ocean; offering rich colors, richer experiences. Its colors fade from turquoise to sky blue, ever so mesmerizing to the eyes. You’d be even more thrilled to remember that it offers gems of the sea that will be served to you throughout your stay here.

Meals are made of fresh seafood cooked to perfection every time. I swear by having lunch at The Marina to be a must for everyone. Famous for their suquet de pescado, this cosy family-run restaurant uses the traditional accurate cooking style, the way of old fishermen in Tossa. The secret is in the way they sauteed their onions.

After all, life equals to good meals that never fail to satisfy and strolls in between with tranquilizing breeze in the hair, would you beg to differ?

tossa de marthe marina restaurant tossa
the marina restaurant suquet
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Tossa de Mar is a fisherman village located in Catalonia, Spain, along Costa Brava. To get there, take a bus from Sarbus at Estació del Nord bus station in Barcelona. 


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