Morning Glory


As if a huge magic egg just cracked from heaven, the day broke into a splash of liquid orange and violet; painting the morning sky like so. i thought i have awaken in a different world. If early birds catch the worms, i think i caught the sun hatching! It was an incredible feeling; like a 1000 words silenced by such rare beauty on just another usual day (that reeled out after).

Rising from the bed has proven itself as never an easy thing to do, no matter how much you’ve slept. i groggily took a shower, got dressed comfortably for flight, and waited for the cab to blow its horn. Upon arriving at the airport i took a trip down memory lane to Australia – somehow Subang Airport does that to me with its design. Or maybe it is the smell of it, i’m not too sure.

You must be wondering at this point: where the hell is she going? Well, nothing too special: Langkawi it was. As promised, the gorgeous morning fanned itself out to be just like any other (local holi)day – a cold sandwich from Coffee Bean, transforming my suitcase into a portable waiting seat, an easy day at the beach / resort pool, while making the effort to enjoy the bits and pieces of ‘flora beauty’ while living in Mother Nature’s creation. But the most special moment recorded, was still – the ‘morning glory‘ . . .

Picture diary below (in sequence):


{full bikini shot entry here: Turquoise Scallop}


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  1. wow, the first picture looks so nice!

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