I love choices, but I hate making decisions.


I believe this is the case with the most of us, especially girls. Guys….. They are different. Their gender somehow forces them to make decisions for themselves, their girlfriend; which then one day becomes their wife!!!


See; even when I have a bad hair day, I can smile! This means, I can be a good housewife. 😀 (PMS package not included)

I’m not sure what type of ‘wife’ you would become, but according to my colleague Steve, there are 3 types and he can judge just by going grocery shopping with his crush :

a) You buy all groceries by yourself, alone.

b) You choose to buy groceries with your lover.

c) You ask your partner to buy them for you.

He asked me which one am I and without any doubts, I said I’m a b). HOWEVER, if I’m super busy and can’t make it, sadly it might have to be a c) Ask my partner to help buy groceries for me.


But I’ll still smile like this to ask for a favor from my husband; not order him like a dog (Unless my daughter flushed my wedding ring into the toilet an hour ago… My mood would’ve been pretty bad).

I asked a few guys and they said they don’t mind helping their wife-to-be buy groceries. However, there is this ONE THING they are a bit SHY to buy. O.o” Wonder what that is???







A man can’t possibly force his wife to buy him condoms. He wants it, there’s no choice but for him to get em’ himself. But at least we ladies have a choice to ask the other half help buy us pads. However, that doesn’t mean we; neither men nor women can run away from decisions.


40 minutes later will you receive a call from your spouse blushingly asking “Comfort or dryness? You choose, I really don’t know about this… Heh.

For once a man can’t really make decision in his life – which pad to buy. But you can’t really label him as useless because there are so many brands on that shelf!!!


Emo. Need to make decision even when it comes to pad buying. HAIH!

As I said, I love choices, but hate decisions. If I can eliminate one thing that requires me to make decisions, I am happy. Lately, I’ve found something that does NOT require me to let go of the other good stuff –


I mean, just imagine. COMFORT, and DRYNESS; the top 2 needs when it comes to sanitary protection for our ehem.

Do you wanna choose??? I don’t know about you, but MY ehem needs BOTH – the softness of a ‘cotton’ pad with the dryness of a ‘net’ pad, and I can have this awesome combination with KOTEX Luxe* Ultrathin breakthrough Fusion Technology!  xD

Now you TOO can truly enjoy the best of both worlds.


Yeah~ I see light! (;

Kotex Luxe also understands the importance of fashion to us. The packaging is beautifully designed in a classy black box like this,

Limited Edition Tin 5s

and also comes with individual fuchsia pink wrappers like this! :


I never knew pads can be so sexc~! The prices are so affordable too –

KOTEX Luxe* Ultrathin (23cm) – 5pc limited edition tin pack (RM 3.90)

KOTEX Luxe* Ultrathin ( 23 cm) – 20 pcs (RM 15.90)

KOTEX Luxe* Ultrathin Overnight  ( 32 cm) – 14pcs (RM 15.90)

with contoured longer back & extra anti leak channel for extra protection.

Kotex also has a LUXurious website here. There is the Melinda Looi contest worth RM6000 X 7 to be won as well!

See, I’m all dressed in a glittering black vest and fuchsia lip gloss to suit my new found love :


Now I can lie & jump around my bed (you know, the sheets have always been white so it’s pretty dangerous when aunty rose comes by to visit!) without ANY worries. wOO hOO~~~


Comfort or dryness? I say BOTH. One pad, no compromise. 😉

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  2. Wah your advertorial so seductive one ;p
    Jiayou on your career!

    1. aww u’re so sweet Tian Chad. <3 Will do & same goes 2 u too!! 😀

  3. love your vest… where did you buy it? =)

    1. hi~ u want some Kotex? HAHAHA!

  4. Very Creatively written! HAHAHHA!
    I enjoyed reading ~ *two thumbs up* 🙂

    now i’m going out to get myself one too. lolx.

    1. ya man~ our ehem needs 2 feel luxurious too okay… HAHA!

  5. black vest very nice!

  6. Oh that’s nice… let me win that RM6000 contest so I can buy a few hundred boxes for my ehem. lol.

  7. haha..i like this ad..

  8. Hi Cindy,

    I luv reading ur post..btw what u working as?

    1. i’m workin in a company that holds the license for Doraemon & Shin Chan… ^^

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