Kemaman Stuffed Crabs

A month before last Wednesday, 20th Jan, I applied for leaves to attend my eldest cousin Yen’s wedding at Kuala Terengganu. Everyone had been talking about it for years and when the day finally arrived, God aren’t we happy people!


As usual, I NEVER get enough sleep a day before I travel. It seems to be something I can’t improve on.


We had so many bags and boxes they filled the whole car booth; almost spilling to the front seats.

Half way throughout our journey, dad had an idea to pull over at the side of the road to:


Not pee… LOL!


But eat durians wtf.


I HATE Durians!


There were many types like B52 la, B this B that, the bitter one, the ‘milk powder’ one… Dad always uses the ‘milk powder’ durian flesh type to con me eat Durians, hahaha! Even dad knows I fall for cute names like that.


My brother (Eugene) loves the whole Durian fest idea; except for eating it by the road cuz he couldn’t wash his hands with soap at a proper sink.


Which explains this picture.  -__________-

About 2 hours before we reach KT, we stopped by Chukai, Kemaman for this delicacy :


CHIM KUEH! (Kuih Ketam) Crab Cake??

Ey, there are 3 shops all stick together in a row, all 3 selling the same thing and all halal. But DO NOT go to any other except for TONG JUAN. Just trust me!


The former Chim Kueh picture is the not-so-good one. We already knew it from the start, but the good ones lansi only open at 6. We reached at 5.30. So how?

My brother and I had 4 each, and when we were almost done, it was 6 PM and mum had an awesome idea! I suppose you can guess what we did…..


She naughtily tapao-ed another 2 for us each to eat in the car, ROFL! So in the end I had 6 crabs. Unbelievable, eh? For an hour or so I felt so stuffed like a stuffed crab itself. I thought I could feel some District 9 toxic flowing with my blood, RAH RAH ROMA MAA~

Somehow I fell asleep with Ke$ha’s tracks pounding in my ears and when I woke up, I was so glad to see I didn’t grow claws wtf.

Reached cousin Raychelle‘s house at around 9PM and occupied her room since she is still at UK.


Sorry this is a pretty short post guys. Tho short it is, I hope I managed to share with you some fun my family & I had during a 9 hours drive and also the right stuffed crab restaurant to choose the next time you pass by Kemaman.

I’ve to go back and forth from Mont Kiara to Mines a couple of times today and most likely to end my work at 1 or 2 AM. I’ll also be working for 2 weekends…  ))=

However, I’ll still try my best to update AT LEAST once every 3 days cuz I believe as long as you do your part and work hard, one day people will notice.

Photo 101

I really appreciate every one of you who drop by – I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I am trying to come out with a plan to thank my readers who help improve this blog from time to time together with me.

The last time I checked (a few minutes ago), this blog has an incremental of 150% readership within 1 week!


Upcoming entries are more on family, friends, and weddings. Pet lovers, I will update you on Carpet the hedgehog too. For weight watchers, I’ve got a simple diet post coming up, so stay tuned!

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  1. Nohhh which Black cardigan is that? din even realized! eh why u neva bring it to kt and just leave at in ma house FYL!
    hahaha, see lah i take a break come ur blog then see ur entry and get to hang a smile nao!! argh 2more god-damn days and i will be home!
    eh how come u working at weekend. Jo and I will be in Kt for days! mayb can meet up for dinna or something if u re not working lah! short trip onlyyyyy. I miss u much!!
    and update on the wedding!! for the sake of this korlian bitch in UK digesting my law books.

    I MISS U .exoh =) <3

  2. I mean in KL for few days! KL!! not KT! heh!

    1. cuz i din know where my maid placed it. sigh~ y u short trip only?! )))=

  3. liu lian is nice ma…..!!!

    i saw the doreamon fest poster outside mines..
    so u r babysitting doraemon there?

    1. HAHA! ya man; exactly!! FML

  4. Babysitting doraemon? Lol. Durian, nice, me likes 🙂

    1. i don’t like durians. >.<! hahahhaa

      1. Haha, so cute. (refering to the previous post comment) Girls day out perhaps? Or movie lo 🙂

      2. That sounds cool! come one day i cari my bestie eri peng & we 3 go shopping 2ghtr?! or yum cha!! OR watch a girly movie. =D

  5. so hungers now i wanna have some durian!

  6. hey, luv the dress u wore to KT trip. where did u buy it? :p

    1. i got it from Supre’ OZ! i loooove shopping there i mean REALLY! where do u love 2 shop? 😀

      1. :O y ah~ lol… OZ = Aussie = Australia! xD

  7. I love your blog! =) We don’t have durians in the US, but I always read/hear how stinky they are! I’ll have to try one if I every travel around there. And those crabs look yummyyyyy!

    1. thanks YJ! i just checked out yours too & i love it as well~ I don’t like durians. I tell u… even if they smell nice in front of u, when it comes out from your back or when u burp… =.=””” TRAGIC! haha~ & those crabs r the awesomest evaaa!

      1. They look like alien brains!

        Yeah, I kept the layout simple because I’m wayyyy too laszy to learn how to make it look pretty like yours =) You should come visit! I’m sure the plane tickets are $$$ though… I want to go to Korea again, but it’s SOOOO expensive! I went to art school for a year to piss off my mom (my rebellious stage) but now I just do it for fun/when I’m bored.

        Are you in school/what are you studying?

      2. i didn’t learn to, i paid some1 2 do it. lol~ & yeah, it’s so ex 2 fly there. i wanna stay there tho. haha.. Korea is ok no? i studied performing arts. ^^

  8. haha…durian its nice la…maybe one day u try then u’ll love it :p haha

    do ur part and work hard…hai…at 1st I oso thought so..but still its depends where u working I guess…some places and some ppl will just take advantages 🙁

    1. dear vOon, tell me about it. it was just yesterday i did so much for the Doraemon talents & it is still never enuf. complainnnnn ajer this 1 fucker. URGH!

      1. tats y i told u..sometimes when u r too good..ppl give u eat dead cat omg!! and yes I think u already faced those be4 cause u’ve posted tat earlier rite…hai…just treat those who treat us good la :p hehe but if those ppl treat us bad…just forget it ler

      2. haih~ yea, i blif i wrote somethin about that b4. i almost habis forget them liao. ^^

  9. LOL i hate durians too!

  10. i hate durians too. not that i never try eating it but still a ‘bleh’ to me.
    congratz on the increase of readership. yay!

    1. YAY!!! very Yay for me indeed~ 😀

  11. Your sandal is nice! where to get this? 🙂

    1. It is Panema’s designed by Gisele Bundchen! Can get at any sports center i believe. Those where they sell Nike, Adidas, & in 1 shop one~

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