Best Nasi Dagang & Keropok in Kuala Terengganu

This is my last post on Kuala Terengganu labeled under AWOL (Absent W/Out Leave). Well I took leaves but I thought it would sound more mischievous and fun to have a category for all my travel entries labeled as such.


No more weddings this time. It is all about the F-O-O-D. Where to get the best Nasi Dagang, keropok lekor, kepok keping…

My mum is a Terengganu-ian so don’t worry! No doubts needed.

Nasi Dagang


BEST Nasi Dagang in town belongs to Kak Pah.


It is located at Pantai Batu Buruk, the beach I went with my cousins in this post :


Bad Rock.


You MUST try their Nasi Lemak too! Deaddd serious. If you think you won’t, you already regret it; you just don’t know it.


Generous kuah.


My cousin Ah Yih the waiter.


Seriously the best Nasi Dagang! *two thumbs up*


Sotong drove us around town to find the best tasting kepok keping. We had a few failed ones, got cheated with the price a couple of times, but luckily at our last spot, we found it!


The smile you flash when you found something you’re looking for so long is absolutely incomparable to a smile crafted for no reasons lol *perasan sungguh*.

Oh wait. I think we went for kepok lekor first.

Keropok Lekor


At Mak Long’s. The difference between this kepok and the rest, is that Mak Long’s kepok is WHITE in colour, not black. See the picture above??


Mak Long’s sambal belacan ada ‘kick’.


I don’t know how to explain exactly where this atap hut is located. I know, damn fail right? )= But it is too deep inside and hey, you know what they say? The BEST place that serves the BEST food is the ones you CAN’T see! Damn true.


Mee Meehun Goreng CAMPUR!!! *damn special I jakun*

And there’s a challenge to eat these keropok lekors. You have to eat them fast because :


This is how they look like when they first come out from the wok of oil. Swell~!

Around 10 minutes later :


Ya Rabbiii….. KECUT!!!


Keropok Keping


Fellow cousins happily posing with the kena con ones.


Which I actually like after all cuz I thought they taste like they are made from real fish meat instead of flour. But the only problem is the price. They really con lorrr…  T_____T


Tried our luck again at the market.


Ohhh pasar~


Turtle eggs. I thought they are haram to sell? Frankly I used to eat them once a year when I was small. They are powdery! O.o


My cousins love this stall from the market. So the next time you go there, find Stall #1. Only RM1 per packet. If you buy many then it is only 70 cents per packet. DAMN FUCKIN’ CHEAP MATE!


Nom nom nom like a kepok monster in the car – felt so stuffed! First kepok lekor, then kepok keping wtf.


How much we bought at the end of the day.


Mee Kari (Curry Mee)


Before leaving mum’s hometown, Raychelle‘s dad took us to another small hut for some delicious aromatic rich curry mee.


At 8.30 a.m the curry mee finished selling. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! 8.30 a.m!


Braised chicken feet – please don’t freak out.




One of their specialty – half boiled eggs in a teacup and crispy kaya toasts.

Let me ensure you that these eggs here are somehow different from other kopitiams or our OldTown Kopitiams, cuz for some magic reasons the eggs they serve here have no ‘fishy’ smell! And the toasts are damn crispy.


Just can’t get enough. Why don’t we have all the goodies here instead? KT is so darn far…


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! ok now u just gave me a list of ‘what to eat’ since i m back here!!! hahahaha!!!
    DA YUMMMMM!!!!
    eh don get to meet u in KL, damn fail also ,
    FYL FYD-f*ck your doraemon!


  2. nice nice kerepok lekor…hard to find a good one till now….

    1. ya la! KL don’t have one laa. all tepung sial~

  3. Can I have some keropok lekor please? ~

  4. Ok.. I gain weight oledi.. just by looking at this post.. ;-p


  5. looking at your post just made me crave for keropok lekor wei!!

  6. ko ni tau mkn je.. bknnye nk tah pow blk kl

  7. wah i so long didnt eat keropok lekor already! =P

  8. LOL at the Kecuk Keropok!! and the chicken Feet looks yum. 😀

    1. hahaha! r u from KT?? u used the word “kucuk” not kecut! :O

      1. haha…my mum is, used to go back to KT every year to visit my cuzzies and aunties and uncles. Love that place. hehe

        are you from KT?

      2. my MOM is!!1 r u serious?! :O

      3. hahaha…yea, my favourite places to go are batu buruk, the A&W at batu buruk, the market, eating nasi dagang and lotsa more, really brings back good memories when I read your post. 😛

      4. where do you like to go in KT?? 😛

      5. awww… i usually go to Arena Sports i would say? it belongs to my l8 grandpa.. (:

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