The Hoglet Adventure

Think this thing ere looks innocent?




One fine evening, just like one of those classic Enid Blyton short stories, Carpet the Hoglet decided to embark on an adventure in my suite…

It ran SO FAST I couldn’t catch her and she ran into the :


FML. I mean my FML when I say it.

She hid behind the fridge and slept there for hoursss. I was so worried she might get an electric shock and turn black (just like those Looney Toons cartoon wtf).

I couldn’t TOUCH her, duh – so I used the end of a broom to push her out. Feared that I might hurt her / her quills, I tried my best to not use the dusty ol’ broom.


Every attempt I tried, I actually pushed her deeper inside. FML maximus!

Tell me, how would YOU take a hoglet out like that? Each time something touches her she spikes up like some Sonic the Hedgehog. Niamaaa…..

After suffering THREE hours of melancholia (regretting I got a pet that I can’t even TOUCH), I finally got her out safely.


Gave her some good good lovin’ lessons; which she prolly would never understand, but it was to make ME feel better! T__________T


Then she MERAJUK! She understood me WTF mate?


Then she EMO. )=

Every time she squints her eyes or whenever they don’t look round, I have to let all my anger towards her go away. Kesian the fler also laa; she must have felt so lost and intimidated behind that dusty fridge.


It’s ok baby, I sayang U! <3

Now everybody SAY you love Carpet cuz as a reward, I will link you in Cin City for a week. Code: “I love Carpet”. How bout some good good lovin’? =D

Photo 99

p/s: I’m working with the ‘blue robotic cat’ @ Mines throughout this weekend, but I will try to update Cin City tomorrow. Something about scarves~ It’s a V-log and all is filmed, so stay tuned for the upload guys!!! 😉

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  1. I love carpet! i really do. haha

  2. hahahahaha

    I always LOVE CARPET!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha.. that’s cute and funny..
    must be scared eh.. i like the part you said kena electric shock and turn BLACK! haha.. yeah it could happen i think?
    anyway, glad it is safe =)

  4. So cute geh… haha… and really funny when you use the word,niamaa.. haha… anyway, really enjoy reading your blog..

    and of course, i love carpet!!!

  5. WOW! Carpet’s ridiculously cute! It must be hard to have to be so careful to touch her though!

  6. I always love animals .. insects not included lol .. so I love Carpet too!!

    Little animals will get emo when they managed to escape once. Last time my hamster Snowy escaped and ran into the store room, walao .. had to pull out everything to catch her .. after that, she went wild in her cage, trying to get out again .. then after she got bored, she got emo ..

  7. tat’s pretty dangerous for any pets to crawl under the fridge right?
    maybe carpet loves the warmth there, as it hot under the fridge.

    i love carpet!!

  8. Hey Cindy, I love Carpet!! Are you thinking about getting her a companion? She must be teramat boring le =/ Poor girl, working through weekend again huh? Btw, bila balik kampung for CNY?

  9. How big is she gonna get?

  10. I LOVE CARPET max!!!

  11. I LOVE Carpet .. she’s cute 🙂

  12. Wah..she really looked like she understood. Don’t scold your pet! >.<

  13. Cindy ! its so cool to have such special pet and Carpet is cute !
    I love Carpet !

  14. I love Carpet. Hehe. Similar case, but mine is hamster la, Winter white, don’t know how it got under the cupboard, don’t want to use thing to bring her out, tried giving kuachi, yogurt, smoothie, she also won’t out, after 1hour++, she willingly climb back into the hamster cage!

    Too cute to scold d

  15. I luff carpet!! Sooper kiut!! =)

  16. joshuachinyohan on

    i love carpet too!

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