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Selaki-lakinya seorang perempuan, pastinya masih ada ‘soft spot’ kepada warna merah jambu pada dirinya. Apatah lagi, perempuan yang penuh dengan sifat kewanitaan seperti insan ini *EHEM!*


Even though my blog URL is not ‘hot pink chili dot blogspot dot com’ anymore, that doesn’t stop me from being obsessed with pink stuff!

Believe it or not, TEY CINDY did NOT manage to buy ANY baju raya this year. NIL. Even I can’t believe that myself; how much work has taken over my life.

However, I did manage to get myself TWO sweet & sexc baju (tidur) raya in lovely PINK! 😀


They are so nice I think could wear them out on the first day of CNY to visit my grandma.

Since I don’t have any new clothes for CNY but pajamas, I reckon I should paint my nails pink this year to match them :


What do you think?! 😀


My favourite nail enamel brand has always been O.P.I. and I believe the same goes to most of the girls out there too.

That’s why, DELL’s award winning technology and nail lacquer expert O.P.I has combined to offer us stylish options that deliver the ultimate combination of colour and connectivity on the go!


What’s your flava???


There are maaaaaaaannnnyyyyy shades of pink; and I must say, that I like the lightest most.

Having that said, my favourite laptop Dell laptop design would be this one! :


It’s the same shade of pink as my two silky lingerie! <3


Since I blog a lot, I would opt for the Intel Core 17 Mobile Processor – Ultimate performance and MORE storage for photos.


Sounds like a good plan, no?  (;

Did you hear about the Dell Design Studio Make it Yours Contest?  Dell held a contest where you can design your own skin and submit it to their site.

Since the contest has already ended, why don’t we make some the talented people who submitted their designs happy by casting our votes for them?

Now, all we gotta do is to vote for the people who had poured in their effort in customizing these skins, voting ends at 12th February 2010 so do shower them designers with your votes now!


Voting is FOC. You just have to register in order to vote; just that easy.

Look at some of the amazing talent these people have!


I have voted for my favorite. Now, can you tell me yours?

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  1. Nice colour of nail lacquer !!!

  2. i only voted for someone who asked me to vote.. haha..
    and pink.. yeah, a nice colour.. but for girls la.. if guys, so sissy la.. lol.. i also didnt get any baju raya yet.. =P

  3. Cindy, I love your dress, so cantik! Been searching highs and lows for a floral print dress for CNY tapi tak dapat =( Erm, you sure you’re gonna wear your silky sexy lingerie to your grandma’s house 😉

  4. Oooo those Dell laptops are cool! I love OPI too, my fave pink shade is, by far, Mod About You! So pretty! =)

  5. I love my dose of pink too! The skins are so cool! I’m going
    red dress and pink nails on CNY. CNY + V day combo. Keke

  6. Saya suka blog nie … info terkini… thanks .. teruskan berkarya.. semoga lebih ramai yang mendapat manfaat dari penulisan awak.

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