Milky Berrylicious~!

Cindy Crawfish has got many *new* posts lineup for you. Fashion lovers, this is your week! 😀

i’m sharing with you my secrets on where to get Hollywood pieces (without having to burn your pocket), and how to steal their look using the simplest, fastest way eva’.


So if you are a busy fashionista like me who’s always on-the-go, um umm ummm! i can’t wait to share.


But before i start, let me show you my newly painted nails. i  ’em a lot!


i alternate milky blue & milky violet on the hands,


and then cross ’em over again for my toe nails! hahaha…


See this new Black berry 9300?


Now compare and see how my milky coloured nails can make it look so Berrylicious!

i don’t know if that could be counted as a fashion tip for female berry users, but i’ve always thought that interestingly, manicured nails looks super sexc with a Black berry as the colour stands out even more.


Today, XPAX brings you the new XPAX BBM for only 50 cents a day! Chat to your friends and family, share files and photos and keep in touch with your friends and family, where ever, whenever. 😉

XPAX also will have its very own BBM Facebook app (XBERRY) for its users. With the app, users can:

  • Connect and communicate with one another
  • Stay informed and be ahead of promotions/upcoming events/new stuff related to BBM
  • Create new open topics to share and make even more new friends on BBM
  • Join in BBM related conversations, share opinions and tips on their phone / BBM.



That’s all for today, folks! i’m goin’ out to take some shots for our Fashion Wednesday post tomorrow.

Have a nice day everyone! 8)

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  1. next: paint the keyboard in pastel blue! 😀

  2. Hiya Cindy! Been reading your blog for ages but this is the first time that I’m leaving a comment cause I’m just so curious on where did you get your pretty nail polish! Been looking for pastel colours like these! THanks babe! xx

    1. hi Melissa, i did my nails at a small nail parlor @ Ikano. it is kinda opposite the Harajuku japanese crepe. i’ve come to love this shop’s nail work becuz i’m a very rough girl actually but until today, the colour still stays! never happened to me before; so next time i’m goin back there fo’sho. If you do find it, think of bubble tea flavours! The yam, and the blueberry. Good luck! ^^

  3. hey comon! why i like the last pic? expecially the nails colour and the pic effect, makes u so pretty..
    hehe and the gold key u are wearing on your neck, nice!>.^

    1. hey u r so observant! yes it is a key n actually, a picture frame but i have no one’s picture to put in there. lol~ fml XD

      1. observant? hahaha , think so ..but suits u.
        nvm soon u’ll have someone to put in the picture.

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