[AD] Hit the Green Button


Behind every heart break is a love story. But the question is, is the break necessary? i know a few couples who has relationships that come with a remote control. One minute it’s on, the next thing you know it’s off (again). Listening to their stories is really becoming like watching a TV show. It’s okay if you’re in high school but if you’re an adult, i strongly believe nobody should still use the word “breakup” if they don’t actually mean it.

Fights are part of a healthy relationship but if you’re seeing a frequent unfavorable pattern in yours, perhaps it is time to give it some SERIOUS thought. Something small should make you happy, instead of being angry at something small. Love should always make you a better version of yourself, not worse. i’ve learnt that the key to be in a long lasting relationship is communication. It is so, so essential when you come to think about it.

Take for example, this #girlcrying in this post i wrote before:

In the end, it turned out to be some misunderstanding and her poor boyfriend had to break an arm to make her understand:

There’re so many couples out there i happen to know that need some kind of disaster to happen before they could learn to appreciate, when the only thing they really need to build is mutual trust through communication. Forget texting, Whatsapp-ing, BBM-ing… b*tch please. If you are fighting with someone, make. a. phone call. A simple dial can settle all the petty misunderstandings you accumulate through those cold chat windows. After all, how much does it take to make a call? Almost nothing at all. Keep the fire of love burning strong!


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  1. AHAHAHHAHA! i laughed at this “how much does it take to make a call.”

    just reflected on some matters abt some people. people take things too lightly nowadays and they should just flipping wake up and continue to do the calling and not just relying on these different social portals to get in touch with one another. *shiftyeyes* and have a little faith, huh! 🙂

    1. my phone bill with DiGi turns up to be COSTly wtf? lol!

  2. “her poor boyfriend had to break an arm to make her understand”

    it sounded like the boyfriend deliberately broke his arm to get her to understand? 😛

  3. It’s expensive to call in uK! hahahah!!
    its like £15p per mins = RM0.75 per mins ! haha

    Miss u! <3

    1. that’s y! bila habis exam? Skype lor~ hahahaa

  4. OUCH.. but haha.. i love the remote control part..

    1. y ouch?! remote control reminds me of that Adam Sandler movie. lol~

      1. break the arms .. not painful meh? oh yea.. that movie clicks.. lol..

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