5 Things

Here are 5 things that are currently making me happy.

1. My first gift from Germany


{though i’m suppose to drink it, i’m afraid this small bottle will go empty so everyday it’s a new gift on my shelf}

2. This chocolate (also) from Germany


{because these 2 X’mas gifts are from Schultz and though they arrive pretty late, they remind me that sincere friendship still exists}

3. This Turkish DVD


{because i can’t wait to watch a good movie in bed under silky sheets this weekend!}

4. These cute glass accessories from Turkey


{because according to my new Turkish friend Gul, who presented me these, the eyes mean i’ll be safe / looked after ^^}

5. This Victoria’s Secret lotion


{another lovely gift from Singapore by an old friend Oli}

Such is a week of pretty gifts from all over the world. When was the last time you receive a present you love? 🙂

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  1. Very nice gifts. 🙂

  2. last month I got a bouquet of pretty lilies….The most pretty i’ve ever received!

    1. i never received lilies in my life!

      1. erm…hope he saw ur reply and will bring a bouquet of lilie to you….

  3. hey.. do you speak Turkish? gosh.. i have such a big problem understanding them.. Turkish, Russians, Azeri.. all sounds the same to me..

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