5 Cinspirations

Throughout the 17 days I was in Portugal, half the time I was down with a bad cold. I never really understood why people use the word “down” until then. It was the worst I’ve caught in a decade; one that ridiculously worsened with every stage, which I’m still curing today. As I was literally beaten  “down” to bed by the cold pain most of the time, I have little to write about the supposedly, I’d love to believe, beautiful country (except for this Christmas entry). Though I have no outdoor scenes to share regarding this travel, I do have 5 little things that I brought home for reminiscence sake when I recover. Here they are:

1. This bracelet with a traditional Portuguese symbol


{because woven with fine yarns of gold, the ‘heart’ you see represents the history of the city of Viana do Castelo, symbolizing devotion, ardent love, and dedication}

2. This bookmark


{because to enter Livraria Lello bookshop today, one has to pay, but I managed to enter for free as it was Christmas season, hence I bought this bookmark as my lucky souvenir}

3. This festive street deco


{because it was the only vibrant thing that stood out and cheered me a little during a hilly walk at Lisbon on a gloomy winter day; when my nose was more stuffed than a fat Christmas turkey}

4. This knitted cloth


{because É’s granny took a month to make it}

5. This travel gift set from 176 Avenue


{because though small, they lasted me the entire trip at Portugal, while keeping my hair sane}


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