5 Things

Here are (some of the) 5 things that would make Germany a memorable and magical trip during winter.

1. This shattered window, and the comic picture that got caught in between


{because art exists everywhere in the world we live in; as long as we are attentive enough to see it, yes?}

2. This hatless chef


{because with all that dough he seems like the most skillful baker i’ve ever seen, and it reminded me that experience and passion is what makes you good at what you do in life; not just knowledge}

3. These sizzling juicy beef steaks


{because . . . i don’t have to tell you why, do i? 😛 }

4. These glass mugs behind the flickering firewoods ~


{because it was the first white gluwein i’ve ever tasted in my life}

5. This merry-go-round light garden


{because under its umbrella, spins a fantasy world}


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