Hello February

Hello Feb

Here’s What I Learned from January

“How rich you feel inside, is not how much you earn but how much you learn.” – Ai Rene, best friend and soul sister. 

Are we still talking about January when February is right here? Not the details. I have, however, decided to feature a new section within this monthly Hello series about what lifted me up or helped changed my perspective from the previous month. Because how do we learn if we don’t reflect? Hardly anything deep enough.

Since the past couple of months my best friend has been sharing with me her pregnancy journey. One day, she uttered 5 words that wouldn’t leave my side. They were: I-feel-so-rich-inside. That made me ponder.

The simple addition of the word –inside is kind of like a certified, priceless contentment. I never thought about the importance of feeling rich and the positive outcomes it can contribute to our well-being. Do you remember how that felt like at any point of your life?

When asked how she feels that way, she reminded me “How rich you feel inside, is not how much you earn but how much you learn.” And I couldn’t agree more.

How rich do you feel inside?

* * *


February for me is about love and compassion. With Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year packed within a brief month, it inevitably calls for focusing on strengthening my relationship with É and family.

I believe there is always space for gestures of love. i.e. Just because your status still allows you to receive ang pow, doesn’t mean you can’t buy something meaningful for your parents / grandparents for CNY. A pair of quality cotton towels perhaps? The deeds you would appreciate from others, are what others would from you too.

Other days to keep you cinspired make you feel rich inside:

4th Feb.

World Cancer Day

If you’ve always felt strongly about supporting cancer patients, lend a helping hand here, to National Cancer Society Malaysia. It will make you feel a million bucks richer.


5th Feb.

World Nutella Day

I’ve always wanted to try this rich Nutella Banana Croissant French Toast  recipe so perhaps this will be the day to do it! Just keep in mind that this spread is mainly made of palm oil and sugar, so consume mindfully. (They might even be sued for deceptive ad!)


11th Feb.

World Marriage Day

If you’re like me, traveling back to your hometown for Chinese New Year on Valentine’s Day, don’t miss this opportunity to cherish your other half with (extra) love.


14th Feb.

International Book Giving Day

Not celebrating Chinese New Year or the overrated V-Day? There is still no excuse to save all your love to thy self. Gift a child a book / Donate your book(s) to an orphanage near you.


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