5 Cinspirations

While the town turned rather quiet throughout the raya holidays, my week was all about hustling and luckily, filled with silver sparkles. From the kitchen to wardrobe, these 5 little updates make for a huge makeover at home.

1. This belated ROM gift from dear Mafalda

zara home

{for being so thoughtful in her gift selections and kind gesture, even when being far away}

2. This set of new coasters

zara home coasters

{because now I can’t wait to invite her to our place for dinner and to set up the table with these fair beauties}

3. This kitchen tong


{for saving us from so many burns, messiness and minor kitchen accidents that may just scar for life}

4. This new pair of addition to my go-to silvers

silver accessories

{for existing with neat lil’ twists as a trendy update to ol’ skool hoops}

5. This current favorite pair of jeans

topshop moto jeans jamie

{for having so much potential and providing comfort – I urge every girl to own a pair of MOTO Jamie jeans}


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