Five Cinspirations

I thought returning from a one month Euro trip would mean the expiration of experiencing life’s wondrous adventures, until these 5 Cinspirations took me the extra mile along with a bright smile across my face. (:

1. This fashion statement, a perfect match from Istanbul


{for being even more striking than yellow cabs when worn on the streets}

2. This handmade wax candle from Prague


{for leaving my room lingering with the most natural honey scent, promising a calm night of peaceful sleep}

3. This drawing of me by talented 8 year old QuiQui


{because she noticed the details of my caramel highlights and amazed me further with her creativity, as she poked a hole at the bottom left and put a fresh flower through it}

4. This leather coin holder from Budapest


{because I’ve never seen a more unique coin holder than this in my life}

5. This amazing new camera lens


{as I was complaining to É about how my broken lens failed my Euro trip when I was traveling solo, he surprised me with a welcome home gift and a letter that would make one fly higher than any andorinha in the world!}


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  1. laydeylike on

    Love the bag and shoes combo!!!

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