i managed to catch up with a friend over some drinks at a gorgeous bar recently, and this interesting topic about cheating men stroke up. She said,

All men cheat. ALL men, Cindy. It’s just a matter time; for him to do it, and for you to find out. If he doesn’t do it now, maybe 3, 4 years later? It’s better to learn about the truth now than to find out about it later. Some women choose to live in denial; they just don’t see the signs. It’s either you are very naive you don’t see it, or you’re so lucky you meet a (really) good guy. i’ve got a friend who’s married with her husband who has this beautiful wife, beautiful house, beautiful kids. Beautiful. One day, she found him making out in a club somewhere with another woman! Men are animals. They just want to re-procreate. It’s their nature. All men cheat, Cindy.

i listened intentively; trying to reroute my point of view towards her angle, allowing the liberating conversation to overwhelm my wine-drenched mind. i’ve always believed that at least 40% of the men out there are loyal. (loyal: men who practice the rule-of-thumb to at least breakup with you first before they ‘cheat’.) The word ‘ALL’ in her context, if not 100, means 99% to me; which equals up to the same sum anyway. Here is a short video i came across recently about a broken hearted girl who got cheated by her boyfriend:

Do you think ALL men cheat?

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  1. Ya know what, some of us guys who don’t get the chance should just stay at home and read books or play games or just work our ass off and try to be richer by the year. The world is getting crazier and douchebags idiots are making harder for us to get girlfriends. I give up.

  2. Unfortunately, not only men cheats, even women. If we are still living in the 60’s to 80’s, I would totally agree with your friend. But now it seems like I’ve experienced women cheating as much as men. To conclude, cheat or not is depending on individual and not gender. 🙂

  3. cant possibly all men cheats. not all cats like fish right? some naturally prefer friskies with rat flavor.. 😛 but pardon me.. but most guys never grow by definition, boys cheat but not men.. :PP

    having said that, guys cheat with other girls are nothing unusual.. if you are girl, i think will be more hurtful if your partner is making out with other guy than girl..dont you think?

    But hey, world is round, i bet this applies vice versa..

    1. i think Men cheat too.

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