5 Things

‘5 things’ this week arrive a bit earlier than usual. Usually i reserve them for the weekends as light writing / reading, but the joyless ups and downs these past 5 days brought me to remind myself that inanimate objects can cheer you up too, and that sometimes it is okay to manipulate your timetable because your schedule shouldn’t always rule you. 🙂

1. This glove bag


{i have been using it 3 weeks in a row from different islands to cities, as it effortlessly matches various outfits i adorn}

2. These fresh red roses


{because their fragrance lingers around my chamber like a season of eternal spring}

3. This tranquil sky + sea


{because staring into this perfectly horizontal shot and imagining myself sitting by the beach (alone), unfailingly provides me the kind of peace and serenity i desperately yearn for}

4. This colorful sparkling jewel bracelet


{a gift from mum, this handmade beauty of art simply reminds me of Bejeweled Blitz; a classic favorite game since it was invented back in the early millennium}

5. This steady yacht


{because right now, i really wish that i could sail far, far away . . . to no where in particular}


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