Get Cher-as to IKEA Cheras


There are brands you like, then they are brands you love. IKEA is one of the latter – so much I’d actually be proud to have a job there! So imagine my excitement when I learned that a newer, bigger, version is opening at Jalan Cochrane, Cheras. I was frenzied; even more so when I was chosen to partake in their influencer event.


 {Breakfast at The Biggest Housewarming Party in Malaysia}


{Follow the lyriktvis it, regolit~}


{The super cute dancing panda from “Get Cher-as to IKEA Cheras” wanna dansa and he’s nordli only one!}

* * *

There are many reasons why I love IKEA and I’m sure they are more or less the same with your list, but perhaps here’s something new: 8 New Features of IKEA Cheras I discovered from the store tour.

1. An ENORMOUS canteen 


Swedish meatball lovers now no longer have to risk going all the way to IKEA and change their dinner plan just because of the queue. The size of this new canteen is able to cater more customers than ever.


{I joined the duderö and gurli with my malm and pappis}

2. IKEA Cheras is 20% bigger than IKEA Damansara


Look at the size of this spanking new place! Bigger store = wider alleys. No more trolley traffic.


We even have the time (and space with no one at the background) to take pictures – like my mami and this cute monster – kautsby got all day.

3. Whole apartment layouts designed for different individuals in mind 


Instead of dividing the showroom into categories (bedroom, kitchen, living room), layouts at IKEA Cheras are wholesome and complete; showcasing the entire apartment floor plan / layout for different individuals, couples, or families according to their size and lifestyle.


{This living room is so sensuell it makes me wanna svirvel}


{My locksta parents in their bestä partying hårte at IKEA Cheras}

4. The new METOD kitchen


Cooking lovers, put your hemnes in the air because with this new kitchen installation, you can definitely show your METOD off.


{Like WOW – Can I just live in there like . . . forever?}

5. Complete office spaces 


Whether you want to give your workplace an uplift or build your own startup crib, IKEA has a range of ready-to-buy designed office spaces just for you.

6. Stationaries and gifting section


Giving you more reasons to buy adorable things; even when you initially planned a window shopping trip.

7. The first glass house in IKEA Malaysia 


For the love of greens, and to give your gardens or balconies more love.


{Algot in my wardrobe in IKEA colors for this special day}


{We sooo nisse get this}

8. Products are designed for everyone. 


Tisdag time to update your desk lamp! This last point ain’t the newest, but IKEA’s got more new products designed by thinking out of the box to combine form, function, quality, and sustainability; yet still at a low price.


{So cuddly I wanna brimnes home <3 }

IKEA Cheras is now open at Jalan Cochrane with its all new concept and democratic design. Ledsjö! Get inspirations for your home from its Facebook page or website, and don’t miss out (seriously) to watch the addictive cute panda dansa here


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