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Simple Ways to Make Showering Fun!

In my previous Home & Design post, we talked about Cura Box.

Today I’m gonna share some easy tips on how to make showering more fun and blissful for you. All you gotta do is just enhance your bathroom with some simple and affordable stuff. 🙂

This is how my bathroom looks like :


It is not the most spacious, grandeur, bathroom ever; but I really like it! <3

All you need are :

1. A brush / sponge / loofah


Or all of them. Having toiletry items in your shower shows that you enjoy the process of cleaning up and maintaining the health of your skin.

Make sure you use them tho, don’t just use them to pai leng wtf.

Scrubbing your body with a shower brush at least once a week helps remove dead cells and dull skin from time to time.

2. Candles


Honestly, I don’t light em’ candles up. Somehow it worries me that it might burn something. =/

However, I have a girl friend who does light up candles especially when she showers with her boyfriend. Apparently, it really makes showering / bathing much more enjoyable and romantic too! To tease an extra sense of your body, try using fragrant candles.

But if you are a chicken like me, lol, you can get this ‘lamp oil’ from IKEA. They have a couple of colours to choose from.

Instead of using oil, this lamp is for you to place your favourite candle inside so you don’t have to worry if the wind blows and your shower curtain get caught on fire!  xD

3. Shower gel (not those from drug stores!)


I use more than one brand of shower gel / cream / wa’evaa. I believe in exploring different scents for different moods.

For example, if I’m going on a date, I might wanna use a shower cream that will give me a rich luxurious foamy lather. But if I just finished gym, I might wanna use a shower gel with cooling effect instead.

Try mix and match the more pricey ones like L’Occitane with those you can get from drug stores. Using expensive brands throughout the year sounds unnecessary to the *ehem* financial side of me.

4. A Glass Pane (above your toilet bowl)


Get a man to screw you this thing for you. I got my dad lol~

You can arrange anything you want on this glass pane (preferably a plant) and TRUST ME it DOES make a difference to your whole bathroom look.

Here I have a tiny tin to store my cotton buds, something green, butter soap, sponge toast, and a bottle. If you rajin, you can hang a picture above.

5. Rugs, Dustbin, and a Laundry Bag

I didn’t take any pictures of the above items cuz I thought it would look stupid (like duh, who doesn’t know how a piece of rug looks like). But that doesn’t mean they are not important!

DO get a nice rug (not a cutout of your brother’s old pants), a nice bin, and a neat laundry bag.

p/s: I have a clock in every bathroom I own. Just so… you know….. haha!

My dream is to work in IKEA and therefor :


This is a picture taken using my berry. Sorry about the low res ‘effect’.

I’ve applied to become a part-time IKEA staff!!! Not. Amongst all the companies in this country, IKEA is my goal / dream la. Even if I don’t get to wear nice clothes and strut in heels, I’d still trade all that for a happy yellow IKEA T-shirt and eat RM1 curry puffs for tea.

Aite folks. It’s time for me to enjoy my first shower of the day! And remember, breathhheeee~ YES; breathheee when you shower.

Amongst all 5 items you need, the most important yet inexpensive one, is Oxygen.

Have fun! (;

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  1. awesome post cindy 🙂

    1. thanks. i love it too~ (;

    1. THANKS baby blogger! hahahaha so cute wtf

  2. I’m going to wash my mouth out with soap now…for what i was thinking 🙂

  3. more fun if guy and gal shower 2gether…. :P:P:P

  4. Oh my! Your bathroom is so clean! Spotless 0.0. Oooo…if u work in IKEA, do I get a discount?? >D

    1. i don’t know! not until i try…

  5. hey cindy,

    i really don’t know how else i can get to u.. coz u told me that u seldom check your fb msg! =.=”

    anyway, if u’re reading this.. can u msg me on fb your contact number? so that we can hang out and search for a dance studio together?

    thanks 😀

    1. will check me FB n reply when i got ample time… ^^

  6. and also need water – it’s damn important.. no water how to shower.. haha.. =P

    but my bathroom is not as decorated as yours.. of course la.. you girl i guy mah.. lol..

    1. TRUE! how did i miss that~ lol

  7. Is that your ensuite or the shower display at Ikea??

    so klean lar …..
    u sure u shower there ??? where is all the soap scrums & black mould !!

    You so kleaaaan….proud of you, cin ……muuuuuuah


    1. awww~ i m always clean; what r u toking about! hahahahaha

  8. thanks for the reply cindy 🙂

    i sent u a reply as well on fb with my contact number

    take care

    1. hey nicole, thanks. (:

  9. buy a clay candle burner with a sauzer shape thingy
    at the top for the oil fragrance..its safe! 🙂

    1. haha.. your blog name – relieving frustration lolol

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