Five Cinspirations

My (extraordinary) birthday celebration may have ended couple of days ago, but these 5 Cinspirations still lie around the house with a well-kept story yet to be written. They definitely made the week flowing with the theme of love.

1. This bohemian dress from mum


{because it is just the right amount of film-sy and comfy, perfect for any day wear}

2. This pair of luxe booties from dad


{because I really need a pair for my Christmas trip to Portugal next month and he just made my wish come true}

3. This bag; also from mum, brought home by dad from Japan


{because it is the first designer bag anyone has ever given to me}

4. This face mask from my ex-classmate, Gan


{because I’ve been wanting to buy one for the longest time!}

5. This pair of inspiring books from Yus


{because always ambitious and full of motivation, this girl’s passion echoes and I hear them loud}


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