[AD] Life is Great

i hate to admit this, but i’m starting to believe that i am quite a high maintenance girl.

a|x says i am an impulse buyer, that i can increase 1 point a country´s GDP based only on my expenditure.


half of my heart closet – this is where all my money goes to, so this box to me looks like my own bank.

you might wonder why i say this out of the blue. truth is, i was playing with the CHAT calculator at Great Eastern’s website and was super shocked when they asked me this question :



i was ‘forced’ to calculate how much i actually spend a month and it turned out to be almost my 1 month’s salary!!!




i wish i have a job that allows me to ‘shop to live’ but looks like i ‘live to shop’. i realized that this is a very dangerous sign and has a high potential to harm my future. now it has come to a stage where i am aware about this thing called ‘financial planning’.

thank God i stumbled upon the CHAT calculator; which is an awesome tool to get me started. oh don’t get me wrong, CHAT calculator is not only for shopaholics like me; it is actually tailored for everyone, no matter what life stage you are at – you can choose to assess your life – protection, medical, child’s education and retirement needs. 😀

Photo 204
protect me ^_^


engaging and interactive, the CHAT calculator is also very vibrant, super colourful and fun; designed to adapt to us young adults’ lifestyle so that we can be in control of meeting life’s expectations set for different life stages.

many do not understand the importance of life protection and early financial planning and they think it is not necessary to buy insurance at their age but that’s so WRONG! for example,


i developed a habit of having dessert after every meal (even breakfast!) and my future doctor bro said that if i keep on taking sugar at this rate, i’m gonna get diabetes SOON.

sometimes little life indulgence like this enhances the quality of life so much we don’t notice how much it contributes to being a silent killer!

there are so many unexpected things that will happen in your life. even if you are tossing a Roti Canai :


sien loh liddat.

having that said, life protection and early financial planning is very important. better safe than sorry, better late than never.


i think i, amongst most young people out there need insurance the most because i noticed that people love to bang my car; even when i’m not moving! how is that possible.  T__________T

try Great Eastern’s CHAT calculator if and when you have doubts throughout the stages of your life,


and please do share this useful link with the people around you for the benefit of all – http://bit.ly/cUZrUB ;)

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  1. the feature seems cool..
    resembles the common love calculator.. haha.. =P

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