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Remember the mystery pair of eyes i mentioned here? Today, i am revealing the secret of whose eyes they belong to!

The answer is, this Puma representing the ultra canggih VIERA 3D Technology :


A series of activities is taking place around KL city. Keep an eye on the TVC launch, print ads, and especially, the newspaper wraps. Why?

On Sept 2, the newspaper wraps will contain a 3D part eye wear (glued to the front page) and when you put on the 3D eye wear, you will get to experience the 3D effect!


(newspaper wrap is only for – Utusan Malaysia, The Sun, The Edge, Nanyang, China Press)

There’s also the uber handsome Blacker Black Panel print ad :


Not to forget the VIERA CAST – Skype, and the 3D Experience Event @ Pavilion that’s happening starting 30th September. This event gives you a thorough understanding of how 3D technology works; something that’s beyond the TV panel.

Notice my Blacker Black Panel Eyeliner-ed Eyes? 8)

Do you know that Panasonic has been the consultants to Hollywood 3D filmmakers in developing the best 3D experience for their movies? They supported James Cameron in making his dream film – Avatar.


Now they are bringing this experience to the comfort of our own home and NO electronic brand has done this before!

Here are some pictures of the TV that received awards recognition for best 3D product :



Panasonic is obviously THE leader in the forefront 3D technology. Read. They have the :

  • 3D Full HD – which totally redefines image realism with advanced image technologies that aim to bring more lifelike viewing experiences.
  • Blacker Black Panel – A new panel and improvements to the cell discharge area dramatically increase contrast when viewing in brightly lit locations.


  • VIERA Cast SKYPE TV – making it possible for people around the world to connect and communicate through voice and video calls from their own living room.

Panasonic is definitely not just an electronic brand for household. They are bigger than so many TV brands out there. Don’t agree with me? Name me one that has ALL 3 USPs mentioned above! Can? :p

Now we can have the best 3D viewing experience in Malaysia, supported by world renown tech gurus :


Panasonic. 8)

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  1. I go pantry find Utusan first! 😀

  2. Ah! So this is what the eyes are all about! 🙂

  3. Wow this is very impressive! Never seen such product advertisement before 🙂

  4. something interesting from Panasonic once again.
    Cant wait to try out the 3D eyewear in the stores.

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