[AD] A New Wonderland

Every time i go to an airport, i feel like i’m walking on a sentence without full stop.

Looking at so many different people flying to places all around the world, it hits me that the word ‘possibilities’ should always come with the word – endless.

This world is so big; nothing should stop you from doing anything, or going wherever you want to go for as long as you live.


That is why i love the airport. It’s where you’ll find me if i ever breakup with someone. i buy an air ticket, fly, travel and come back as a newer, stronger person.

This time around, i learnt something different about airports. i always thought of it as a cold place to catch flights, plus the check-in / waiting process is always a pain in the a** especially when you’re flying alone.

But with my *new* discovery, i don’t even need my iPod anymore!


One fine day, i went to KLIA for a wonderful shopping experience. It is honestly, one of the best shopping i’ve done so far.

And oh, i also got to know a new friend,


Rapick, who works at KLIA. He helped me took some pictures around. 😉


Wondered around the sliced up cylinder for a bit, reading up interesting facts on Malaysia Airports,


took a picture and smiled for the camera,


Took my visitor daily pass from the security centre…


& started off my day with a healthy breakfast @ Cafe Marche’.


A grilled chicken wrap & hot chocolate. *yumsss*


Started blogging for a bit.


And then SHOPPING!!! This is Nily from Body Shop,


and sweet Aen who helped me a lot with choosing the right products i bought as gifts for my family & friends.


Fresh from the bookstore


i took the train to KLIA Satellite Building for more shopping. This is where my visitor pass comes into play. Obviously if you’re flying, all you need is simple – your ticket and passport.


Yay aerotrain!


i enjoyed every minute spent @ the airport, even on the train. lol


Checked into Airside Transit Hotel along aisle C5.


Rest and freshened up a lil’ before i resumed my Shopping Pt.2!


Had another healthy meal @ Nooodles, with a superb view in front of me…


i ordered traditional herbal chicken broth, a favourite for the seasoned traveller like me (:


Bought a LOT of stuff from Harrods! i ♥ Harrods, i want to buy EVERYTHING in there!!


My harvest.


Changed into my sexc lace dress and head to the Jungle Boardwalk.


To those of you who missed my first post on this, there is a jungle + waterfall in the middle of KLIA! Do you know that?

i’ve got some comments from readers and Facebook fans saying that i’m pulling their legs. lol, no no.. Here is a video for you to prove that i’m SERIOUS :

After a refreshing, breezy walk into the greens, it’s time for a good spa / massage. i found one hidden upstairs, just right next to Starbucks, and had the massage of my life @ AyerSpa.


Yes that’s right! Let your hair down; rest, relax, and reflex! 😀


This place is as royal as the massage itself. i miss it already.


Definitely felt like a million dollar babe after ^_^


Went back to my room 114 and continued blogging.


Head to Satay Club for some drinks.


Too bad i was alone, or it would be so superfun!!! i wished i had a friend ova’.


As for dinner, i had a delicious chicken mushroom pie from Do Me. i mean, Dome.  XD


Wonder what’s inside???


Steam! Ahahahaha///

Hearty, hearty meal with the companion of my favourite Chai Latte.

To end the day, i did some window shopping but ended up buying Duty Free cosmetics FTW!!! (Lancome’s eyebrow pencil with brush & Photogenic Lumessence foundation)


Feeling guilty for spending above a thousand bucks, i went back to my room to enjoy the simpler things in life – like looking at aeroplanes parking outside my window ^^


And another airplane. i bet you can’t get this anywhere but HERE at the transit hotel.

The next day, i ‘attacked’ LCCT.


Took a train + limo and arrived around lunch time.


There are so many F&B outlets here, some of them i never noticed like this one behind Taste of Asia – the Passage thru India restaurant. Am i the only one who’s ignorant here?

Now we all know better. There are so many fun things one can do at the airport :

  • Explore and dine at new F&B outlets
  • Do DUTY FREE shopping; where things are so much cheaper to purchase compared to shopping malls
  • Take a walk into the forest and immerse yourself with the sight of a magnificent waterfall (entrance is FREE!)
  • Rest / sleep during transits @ the Airside Transit Hotel

* * *

During the Indulge Till You Fly Campaign, you stand a chance to win prizes through the Indulge & Win Contest when you shop, dine and more at international airports. The contest is from 24th July 2010 until 6th January 2011.

You only need to spend a minimum of RM250.00 at participating international airports and you’re eligible to participate. If you’re a MasterCard holder, you will be rewarded with double entries when you make purchases.

Here are the prizes which you could win:

  • Two (2) first-class return air tickets to Cape Town, London or Sydney
  • Three-nights complimentary stay at one of the following  five-star hotels
  • The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town
  • The Landmark Hotel in London
  • The Blue Hotel in Sydney
  • Top-of-the-range local holiday experience at any one of these destinations
  • Full-day Safari at Fairy Glen, Cape Town
  • Afternoon tea at Langham, London
  • Seaplane tour of New South Wales Coastline
  • Every package consist of indulging dining and spa experience

* * *


Basically, everyone can indulge till they fly~ i hope i managed to change your ol’ perception of airports thru my *new* insights and experiences.


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