[AD] 11, your BFFF.

Scrubs, masks, and home remedies are important to maintain a healthy skin. Unfortunately, the things that we could do with our own hands for our face are very limited.

Maybe massaging, some squeezing. But that is not enough. To get a proper deep cleansed and pumped up with hydration face, you can’t runaway from getting some professionals’ help because they have all the right, and sterilized tools.

For example, the facial steamer. How many of you would buy one?


Last Sunday, i was given the best facial in my life. i’ve been to a few but so far, this one satisfied my skin the most. To share it with you, its name is :


Skin 11 @ Berjaya Times Square. Why 11? Because this treatment is designed exclusively to solve all 11 types of Asian skin problems :

  • Eye bag & puffiness
  • Eye fine lines
  • Acne
  • Comedones
  • Open pores
  • Dry / Oily / Sensitive skin
  • Loss & wrinkle skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scars

i hope you don’t have all of the above, but i am sure you have at least more than 1. i have 5 out of 11. 🙁

The reason why i am recommending Skin 11 in particular to you is because it requires :


Being a woman myself, i believe at one point it occurred to all of us that we wondered if that day will ever come – when we need to get botox, eye lift, jaw lift, face lift wtf, or even laser surgeries to remove the scars from our face.

Lucky me, even before i could worry about that, i was introduced to Skin 11’s MESO Channel Bio Treat technology.


Remembering the name MESO should be good enough. MESO technology is definitely safe (no surgery, laser, or injection) and shows you immediate results for pigmentation, scars, uneven tone, and open pores. Bottom line is, it focuses more on skin solutions.


Getting my FREE skin analysis from Janet. ^^

MESO treatment increases skin cells infiltration and absorbency by 200 times!!

Must try and see now :


The bed and blanky was super comfy… i almost stole it (jk).


Hairs up! Time to relax & enjoy and yes i look like a dead nun from Sound of Music here.

My facial therapist, Janet is da’ bomb! i’m taking a|x to get his facial done by her. She knows what my skin problems are on-the-spot and knew right away the exact treatment to solve ’em. 😀


Thanks to my literally awesome S90 camera, i don’t know if you can see the difference in my BEFORE,


and AFTER pictures.

From what i observed, my skin became sooo dewy, my God. According to Janet, the MESO treatment can last for up to 6 months (might vary for different people). Mine cansss, yay!

Now i have younger, scar free, firmer and more elastic skin! 😀


Now even a|x is hooked on MESO and gave me a couple of compliments on my skin already. Be it with your BF,


or BFF,

i believe this is a great idea for everyone.

Having that said, i’ve got VERY good news for you men and women. So read the following carefully!

If you sign up for the free facial treatment at Skin11 microsite here, you stand a chance to get one worth RM229.

But IF you leave a comment AT this post i did at Skin11 Facebook Page, you get the GUARANTEED free facial (only limited to first 50 replies in the 1st week only) so DO IT NOW!!!


The FREE customize treatment includes :

  • Skin analysis
  • Deep cleansing
  • 3 masks (based on skin condition to decide the most suitable mask)
  • Shoulder massage

Treatment takes around 2.5 – 3 hours. Woohoo~

Skin 11 will contact those who are entitled to the FREE customize treatment and schedule an appointment. So good luck! 8)

p/s: drop your comments (not anywhere else but) HERE for the FREE facial treatment.

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  1. I want to have a try! Your skin actually got brighten especially the eye area, isn’t it?

  2. only for ladies? or men also can? 🙂

  3. aww i want! ahahaha but only going back to msia end of this year. boleh kah? 😛

  4. i was customer of skin 11 i bought package there. the skin consultant popped 3 pimples on my face during my last session and left 3 big scars on my face for months!!!!!!! not so visible now but will never go back!!!

  5. they only have one outlet at Times Square?

  6. I would love to trybit out. My skin long hour expose under air Cond.
    It turn itchy at night. Hope I am one of the 50 free voucher . Hehe

  7. I want to try please!!!!!!!!!!

  8. thanks for sharing Cindy, I would like to give it a try too especially the MESO treatment. Fingers crossed…

  9. i woule love to have a tryy!

  10. Oooohhh the facial looks good 😀 I wanna try! looks damn good!

  11. Wow, Cindy you look good!
    I wish to try the MESO treatment too =]
    Thanks for your great sharing babe!

  12. i want to try!!!Australia’s making my skin breakout!!!

  13. i wanna try the treatment too! got face problem (literally) lately FML T_T

  14. I want too! Hopefully I can get a free one!

  15. I tried Bella and now have change to Aster spring. So far so good! I guess the Customer service should gives a more personal attention and that would creat a WOW and brings more clients. Cheers

  16. me me me!! been years didnt do facial d 🙁 hopefully got the chance 😀

  17. I definitely need this!!!!

  18. I would like to try the facial!! But it’s confuse thou about where should we leave our comments to get the free facial?!

  19. I really need one ! ! i look like a panda now ! ! ><

  20. Wow.. you’ve got really good skin!! Would love to try the facial… 🙂

  21. i want and need it so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I have a sensitive skin but i want to have a try too..

  23. Sounds tempting but too bad they don’t have a branch in pj…

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