[AD] Polo (T), Golf (Ball), Scirocco (Rocks)!

Last weekend, i was given the opportunity (together with 4 other bloggers) to embark on a sponsored getaway vacation by VolksWagen.

Yes, VolksWagen! Cool huh?


This is me and my stuff. And more stuff in my nose. i was having a bad flu and i could feel a cloud of boogers swimming in my head. 🙁


Me and my best friend in my hands – tissues. FML


Group Picture! A lovely one for you~ 


An ala paparazzi shot of me and some men walkin’ towards our VWs. 8)


This was our 1st car – the Polo. i was lucky to have such sequence to test drive – Polo, Golf, then Scirocco. It just gets better!


AND, i got all the windy parts of the road! i bet the guys in my car were like “aw damnit“. lol


Me & Suanie~


Nice shot, photographer… like for a TV ad!


These handsome cars can make any old road look beautiful.


Then we had our driver switch and a cute coffee bar serving us a variety of cheese cakes from Coffeebean!


i’m Pelahap 😀


Driving the second car – the Golf! My favourite <3


@ Grand Hyatt, Kuantan for buffet lunch.


Then it was my turn to test drive the Scirocco and give the guys a ride of their lives! LOL i bet my drifting skills made their balls shrink!


Reached : Tanjung Jara Resort, Terengganu.


My awesome bedroom. We had one EACH!! So generous max.


And a bathroom the size of our bedroom.  O_O

Took a walk @ the beach with Joshua (who took good care of me), then it was romantic dinner time! :


Like a wedding reception @ Bali…


Too bad i was :

1. Too sick

2. Without a|x



Guess who came to perform LIVE for us while we enjoyed :


Delicious Carbonara seafood spaghetti.


roast lamb FTW!


This is me with my mocktail & the great, lovely, VolksWagen team who took great care of me throughout the whole trip, esp Tina. 

The whole adventure was a great thrill for me. i wish i could do it again; this time without the viruses and hopefully, a guy as handsome as the Golf by my side. hahaha! 😉

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  1. I want a Sirocco!

  2. demit! best giler!

    1. memang best! tapi aku sakit T_T

  3. sebelah you in press con – DC kan? from Top Gear Malaysia. may be in next issue foto Cindypun ada….

    1. DC? tak faham plak aku ):

  4. Lucky you! Tried all 3 in a day!!!

    1. i wanted to try the bettle tho… sshhh! lol

  5. Hi, just want to point out its Scirocco, and its Volkswagen, not VolksWagen…..at least get the brands correct if you’re writing a review for them………….

  6. “Then it was my turn to test drive the Scirocco and give the guys a ride of their lives! LOL i bet my drifting skills made their balls shrink!” – Haha, Nope. 🙂

  7. Had a nice chat with you that time hehe =D Hugs!

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