[AD] Ports & Planes ~

i am still (so) thrilled by my super indulging shopping and hotel stay experience @ KLIA …


It is something very special to me, cuz i’ve always loved airports. There you go, another secret random fact about me. Yes, i super ♥ airports & airplanes; which explains the (ap) in front of my MSN nickname. rofl`

Actually, i myself never knew about the Jungle Boardwalk or Airside Transit Hotel, and the brilliant idea of doing the whole Duty Free shopping thing never crossed my mind!; not until i was given this advertorial opportunity.

Now that i know better, i am spreading this brilliant concept to my family and friends. 🙂


Today i’m blogging about the other Malaysia airport, LCCT. This is me, still @ the Transit Hotel – getting ready to check out.


Emo. i don’t wanna leave KLIA. AS I SAID, I SUPER ♥ IT, OK?! It’s true.


More indulgence on my cosy bed and played with my Apples…

Shot a fun video to entertain you :

OK, back to reality. There’s more shopping to be done.


LCCT, here i come!!! 😀


Leaving the Satellite Building…


Almost nobody was in the train.. i guess i was too early.


Checked out together with 23987528374901 shopping bags. Trust me, everyone (including the policemen) looked at me as if i was a shopaholic.

Are you crazy?  Me?  A shopaholic?  C’mmon, that’s impossible. LOL!


Reached LCCT and received a Selamat Hari Raya greeting from Malaysia Airports ^_^


Maaf zahir batin from yours truly~


To come think about it, LCCT does have a wide variety of F&B outlets. You have the Oldtown kinda coffee and also the Starbucks kinda coffee!


BIG fast food outlets where you can push your trolley IN!


Celcom, Maxis, and DiGi kiosks, wrapping services, money changing services… ETC


Emporiums, Duty Free zones, retail outlets… so much more man. You want me to list ’em all? i think you should really go down there and embrace the Ramadan SALES now! lol

i mean, if you’re flying off somewhere lah. Go there earlier and who knows, you might get a matching bag from Bonia or a new watch from the watch shop to suit your baju raya. 8)


As for me, from now on, this is gonna be my pre-flying routine – i’m gonna Indulge till i Fly~!

Can you guess where i had my lunch while blogging about this? Kinda obvious isn’t it. 😉

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  1. who knows if you go klia earlier, you might meet your prince charming!
    airport love stories… ah, bliss!

    1. like canto drama issit. hahaha.. i wish!

  2. everyone is getting paid to blog about having fun in an airport. i also wan lehhh :/

    1. got everyone meh? hahaha

      1. haha got lorh..like so many..

  3. LCCT got so many new shops already? That shows I haven’t been there in ages. Thanks for the update. ^^

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