[AD] Love World Love Sloggi

What do you love about the World?


For me, it’s simple. I love all the food in the world.


Do you know that there is World Food Day?


World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on 16th October. The theme for WFD last year was “Achieving food security in times of crisis“.

There are more than a billion types of food in this world, but I’ve favourited my Top 3.



3. Healthy food

I’m not gonna lie to you. Healthy food rarely taste good BUT fruits & vegs are my staple. Not carbs. Favourite food #3 takes up approximately 60% of my daily food intake.


Remember, you are what you eat. You can’t choose how your face looks like, but you can certainly choose to be in your best shape this lifetime.

Besides eating, exercising is important too. To be honest, I don’t do sports; especially those that have something to do with balls. However, I swim, and I love it!


A lot of people ask me how I maintain a slim figure by eating so much. The secret is, you can eat everything as long as you eat in moderation.

To you active women who do sports, it is important that you wear the right bra when playing tennis, etc. Comfort, support and breathable are three of the most important elements of a sports bra, & Sloggi ‘Sporty‘ range has em’ both.


I <3 healthy food and I <3 Sloggi Sports!  😀

2. Western food

…comes 2nd in my list. Despite being a slim girl, I love beef.


I have this weird liking to eat like a caveman at a fancy restaurant wearing a sexc dress. A LBD (little black dress) perhaps. One like this :


It is hard to ignore the fact that choosing the right underwear for dresses can be a pain in the ass. Especially when Aunty Rose visits and you can’t wear your G-string. What do you do? Aha!


Go for seamless briefs to escape visible panty lines. Sloggi ‘Smooth Out‘ eliminates those pesky lines and bumps on any types of fabric! As a result? A silhouette that’s super-smooth, and clothes that fit you the way they’re supposed to.

That’s why I <3 Western food, & I <3 Sloggi Smooth Out.

And now, my #1 favourite food goes to …..

Added my cupcake earrings cam whore pic below to ganti drum rolls wtf


1. Ice Cream!!!

Ice cream is anyone’s comfort food! Whether you are sad, or happy, ice cream can be your best friend.


Ice cream definitely is comfort food, but you won’t feel comfy eating em’ if you are wearing a piece of over sized or extra small undergarment.

Speaking about comfort, Sloggi just celebrated its 30th birthday last year on its cotton innovation of its bra & briefs range. And we all know how soft & comforting cotton is on our skin.


I <3 ice cream, I <3 Sloggi ‘Comfort Revolution‘!

Speaking about all that <3, there is the ‘Love World Love Sloggi‘ contest for you to tell your readers what you love about the world and how creatively you can tie it back to Sloggi being an eco-friendly range brand.

Sloggi Contest

I have 2 pairs of old Sloggis,


& I wanna win Sloggi prizes worth more than RM 15,000!

There is a high chance for everyone to win some goodies because Sloggi is being extremely generous. They are giving out :

Grand prize x 5 : RM2000 cash + Sloggi products worth RM135 + Sloggi voucher worth RM50

Consolation prize x 20 : Origins products worth RM250 + Sloggi products worth RM135 (redemption letter to counter)+ Sloggi voucher worth RM50

Just like eco-friendly Sloggi, let’s not waste food.


* Love Food, Love World, Love Sloggi *


You can visit Sloggi’s website at www.sloggi.com/my – Good luck.  ^^

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  1. what a creative way of showing your ♥

    1. Thank U sweetheart~ (:

  2. Love food,love world,love sloggi n love cindy.

  3. good luck in d contest cin XD

  4. I can see the energetic spirit of you blogging about Sloggy =)

    1. & how exactly can u see that lol

  5. really nice photos of you, you look fantastic …. 🙂

    Is the bikini photo old? You were going to get a belly ring after CNY right? Or have you chickened out … heehehehe

    1. i m getting it SOON! ;P

  6. Hey, I like your previous posts on tips to maintain a good
    weight, health and beautiful skin. Can totally see that it
    works! you look great. I was all excited to lead a healthy
    way of life too but it only lasted 2 days. Any tips on how
    to stay focused and determined?

    1. hahahah… it’s all a state of mind. u just really have to practice self control..

  7. nice entry !!! Good health, good skin, good body, also must have right bra !

  8. hey girl.. love ur accesories always…
    lets share about ur cutie accesories and jewellery with us =)

    love ur cupcakes earing *wink*

    1. i got the cupcake earrings from Miss Selfridge ;D

  9. amongst those that i’ve bump into, yours is probably the best so far.. all the best! =D

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