Ghetto Mee

It’s the weekend, everybody~ Which means, another simple post to make you happy! 😀

This time around i’m introducing ya’ll to a small but famous restaurant at Yong Peng, Johor.


On the way back to my hometown Labis from KL, dad stopped us by for some delicious vinegar noodles dinner. Sounds interesting ey?


Apparently, many artistes and politicians came here to Restaurant Or Wu before.


Here it is, the famous vinegar noodles – Fu Chow Lu Mien. *slurpsss*


Fu Chow Mien – one without vinegar and without the lu word. lol


Bon appetit!


you chai.


Scrumptious red wine chicken. How ghetto can you get? Ha ha..


And my favourite sweet meatballs. ♥

Have a fun filled weekend everyone! Greetings from Beijing. 8)

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  1. Loh Mee is DA BOMB! da-li-cioussssssss KAO!

  2. Ahh not many people heard of Yong Peng, a place I’ve been calling hometown for 18 years XD Or Whu’s kinda overrated though. Don’t quite fancy the food there. 😛

    1. ya meh! but it IS delicious worr….

  3. Hi Cindy.

    I was just wondering: do you do TV work? Do you like football?

    I produce a couple of football talk shows with Astro, and we’re
    looking to find new faces.

    Let me know if this is something you’re keen to try.


    1. hey there, really? i m keeeennnn!!! 😀

  4. in beijing now?
    so cool! =)

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