[AD] The Way You Lie

This must be the most cinful post in Cin City.


Get ready to be infused in a fusion of good music and great artistes in the biggest party of the year with a *ehem* sexc me, and stand a chance to win a trip to Dublin!



i don’t care if it’s a cin (sin) to be selfish, but i really wish to win this trip.

However, i’m still urging you to take up a challenge to compete with me and Sixthseal.


This is us, drawing out the MTV storyboard at my living room.

We remaked Eminem ft. Rihanna’s Love the Way You Lie MTV starring Megan Fox and ‘tattoo man’.


What we did was replace Megan Fox and tattoo man’s clips with US!

Here is the making of our hot video :


1. It first started with us on the bed, just like the original MTV. even the camera angle is the same. thanks to dear Fresh.


2. In the original video, the name ‘Cindy’ is written on the tattoo man’s hand. Therefor, we changed it to ‘Megan’ in ours. lol


3. The spitting. This is the hardest part for me to do. It even beats the kissing. We had to use water cuz i don’t spit, even on roads; leave alone someone’s face!


4. The slap scene. This is hard, but still ok. Slap kao Huai Bin, rofl…


5. The kissing. i bet everyone likes stuff like this. Especially Malaysians. rofl


6. Huai Bin keeps saying his acting is not good enough, but i don’t think so. i mean, look! this scene is so powerful.


7. The fire effect, by Haze. Ain’t it awesome? 😀


Last but not least, here is our video which is sure to make it to the Grammy’s – – – i’m sure you’ll love it!

Arthur’s Day 2010: Love The Way You Lie from Poh Huai Bin on Vimeo.

If you’re brave enough to take our dare, join the THE MAN OF ACTION CONTEST.

Like the Guinness Facebook page, create a video involving your favorite song and/or favorite artiste, upload your creation on YouTube, and post the URL here together with your name and video title.

Remember, be creative and get that brain juice flowing,


because the most creative entry wins a trip to Dublin to visit the St James Gate Brewery & Guinness Storehouse!!! All winners will be announced on Tues, 21 Sept 2010. i’m so excited.

Every video submission that qualifies / fits guidelines will automatically win 2 White Zone passes to the event, while the Top 4 submissions will win Mosh Pit tickets.

If you are kind enough to not take up the challenge and let me win instead, here’s another contest for you :

THE MAN OF VISION CONTEST. This contest is basically about deciphering how many Guinness elements can be found in this picture :


Go to www.arthursday.com.my, print it out if you have to, and follow ‘Arthur’ on Twitter or Facebook to get hints.

Each hint is tied to an element in the illustration. pairing them together correctly will give you the answer – a fact related to Arthur Guinness and his creation, and e-mail your answers to contest@arthursday.com.my with name, IC no., and mobile no. 🙂

Speaking of Arthur’s Day…..

i’m seriously looking forward to see 4our artistes at the party. they are :

Flo Rida



Sean Kingston,

Colby O'Donis

Colby O’ Donis,


& hot Miss Nina! 😀

i actually met Miss Nina at the Arthur’s Day media launch and we took a picture together :

sexC is our name!! ha ha

Here are MORE sizzling pictures for you :


Me in the Hilary dress and red pumps.


Playing celebs with Ivone  XD


Audrey 4 ft 9!!!!


QX and i acting like gluttons as food was served.


Last group picture <3

Can’t wait for the REAL event day itself!

Arthur’s Day is happening on 24 September starting 8PM at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon. You can buy tickets here, the good news is, EVERYBODY IS GETTING A 20% DISCOUNT till 19 Sept! Feel free to visit arthursday.com.my anytime for more details.

Push your adrenaline button – now, are you as excited as me? 8)

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  1. Your acting is really convincing!

  2. it’s an awesome video all! best effort max zomglux!

    1. thanks to Haze too ! (;

  3. i love it, heaps! awesome!

  4. Awesome ! U are a natural in acting .

  5. omg the kiss broke my heart T_T

    1. lol… don’t lie! :p

  6. hey, cindy! may i know where you got your dress?

    1. which dress, babe? in the video? it’s a grey top and pants, no? (:

  7. omg Cindy this video is great ! And your acting is good too ^^ Means the acting class you attended b4 doesn’t waste ~ haha… Good luck and I hope you’ll win ^^


  8. Spew!
    Cindy you’re way too pretty for HB – it looks plain gross.
    Please don’t stoop to that level please!

    1. work is work mar.. only 5 bloggers were chosen for that ad; no choice. either huaibin or ky :p

  9. Cindy,

    The 3rd photograph of you & the actor in the living room with the bokeh effect is awesomeeee ……

    Btw – is yr video rated ‘XXX” or G for general viewing !!

    1. hahaha! for everyone to see! 😀

  10. Whenever I hear that song, it will remind me both oyu and HuaiBin’s Kissing scene.
    Ahh!! Viral effect success lol

  11. This is one of the videos I will gif 10/10,even if this clip
    dun make top

  12. nice video,this is my favorite song!
    hope you win 😀

    1. 10Q! hope i win too~ ^^

  13. I think the acting was pretty good =)

  14. yea seriously. the guy is too lucky. argh

  15. Yo, I saw this on Sixth a while back, i was nervous to watch because it could have been a bit embrassing if it sucked as I read both your blogs. But it was good, you came off as intense and natural, well done. I’m still gonna be looking for KL actors for net virals/films in the future so let me know if your interested. Otherwsie I’ll quit hastling!!

    1. hmm. any names of the movies u produced b4? (:

      1. Just looking to do one to three min shorts like these…but with proper stories. forgive me for re-posting them again here. Maybe some of your friends would be into it even if you are not personally


        I did the art direction and illustration for this one…


        I’m putting together a complete one/two man crew and kit to get some really high quality results from M’s best location.. just need some locals to get involved.

        Be a fun trip anyway, but I aint got no hollywood dollars yet!


        Be a fun trip anyway!! Si



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