How to Find The Best Skincare Products in Malaysia


Because We All End Up Once with An Expensive Bottle We Can Neither Use Nor Giveaway.

Beauty products are not cheap. Yet we have all been there – keeping an eye cream that is too rich or a cleanser that is too harsh till it expires. Throughout the years I’ve been curating my own skincare regime. From a teenager to my early 30s, my regime is updated accordingly as my skin condition changes. At the same time, how the curation is done alters with the shift from Seventeen magazines in secondary school to beauty vlogs today.

In partnership with ProductNation, I am sharing with you the 5 steps I practice to find the best skincare products in Malaysia so that you too, can discover wallet-friendly products which suit your skin.


Step 1: Google to get a general idea.

Too straightforward? Though it is very true. Search engine is the first thing I turn to to get a big picture about any topic I am researching about. If it is a beauty brand, I first find out which is their star product or best seller – what is the brand best at doing / known for? Does it suit me? If it is a product, I use a few specific keywords and play around to see if the results vary so that I can draw a better conclusion. It is also from Google where I found out about ProductNation, a one-stop destination online for all the latest product reviews and roundups that are at the right price, on-trend, and timely in Malaysia. More on that in #5.


Step 2: YouTube what beauty enthusiasts or influencers have to say.

While most beauty tutorials or hauls are sponsored, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the products featured paid to have a good word and are therefore not great. When it comes to skincare, I tend to look out for products beauty YouTubers have been using or raving about for months if not years. From there, I make my own judgement on whether the review is trustworthy. This tends to take some time, as it is easy to get lost in a maze of suggested videos. So I make a point to do this step before bed or during leisure time.


Step 3: Shortlist so it doesn’t overwhelm.

After #2, you might notice that you have added more recommended products to your list. Skim through, shortlist, and make a price comparison of what you can afford.


Step 4: Read product reviews in Malaysia from actual users.

I find it extremely useful and crucial to read reviews from actual users who are not doing it for fame, but because they genuinely love (or not love) the products for certain reasons. My go-to sites are Amazon, Reddit, or sometimes even the brand’s own website (Kiehl’s is a good example where I find honest reviews).


Step 5: Cross check via ProductNation for accuracy and relevancy.

After all that research, it is time to analyse how accurate your results are. ProductNation researches, finds out and lists the best products locals are searching for and also ensures that these products can be found in Malaysia instead of getting them from overseas. Not only does it keeps me up to date with the latest beauty trends, it also helps me find the best deals i.e. special sale announcements! That said, if you are a busy bee who doesn’t have time for steps 1-4, you can just skip straight to #5.


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