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A fashionista can never get enough sunglasses. i bet you can’t name a Hollywood artiste that doesn’t own a pair, and that simply says just how important it is to make you look stylish. However, choosing the right design for your face is equally important. Ever worn a pair of sunnies and almost couldn’t recognize yourself? Unless you wanna look like you’re going to a costume party everyday, i advise to avoid straying towards that direction.

The Eye Experience Boutique

After a few wrong shades, i finally gained experience on what suits my face. Still, i suppose there is no harm consulting the real expert on what he knows best. Ryan Ho is currently Malaysia’s 1st Eyewear Stylist and Designer! Last week i made a visit to Malaya Optical where former PM, Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Amber Chia, amongst many other artistes got their glasses from.




Malaya Optical has been the Trusted and Reliable Optometrist Practice since 1957. Here you can count on having your eye checked by qualified professional optometrists in all their practices throughout Klang Valley (Damansara Uptown, Subang Jaya SS15, Jusco Setia Wangsa in Ampang, China Town and South Gate Plaza, KL). It has now evolved to be the Eye Experience Boutique.


This is me @ the Damansara Uptown branch where they carry a huge variety of main stream brands frames and sunglasses such as Prada, Gucci, Dior, Rayban, CK… you name it, they have it. What’s most impressive is that they have a huge selection of Designer Eyewear that cannot be found in many stores! These designer labels were flown in directly from a round the world by Ryan himself, and sort after for their quality and uniqueness and individualism.


{press corner}

The Brandlaureate 2010

{SME award}


{me and a winning trophy}


{getting my sleepy eye tested on the super canggih machine}



Usually your optometrists would just give you a slip of paper with your “power” printed on it but here, they explain to you the condition(s) of your eyes specifically in details. Visibility is Life, people. Don’t forget that. Always get your check-ups!



Some people tried contact lenses and realized that their eyes are not made for them – like my dad, for example. If you feel the same way, all you gotta do is get this special check-up (i personally don’t know where else you can do it besides Malaya Optical) to find out the type of lens that suits your eyes. Below is a chart; which a professional optometrist could explain to you better.



{special camera + machine to test the type of lens that suits you}


From its humble start, Malaya Optical offers a comprehensive range of eye care services in Petaling Jaya through a host of state of the art instrument for vision screening. If you suspect your parents / grandparents have Glaucoma, Cataract or Diabetic Retinopathy, the wise thing to do is to take them for a check-up because one may slowly lose his/her sight if not treated.


{canggih machine to test Glaucoma}


{normal, healthy eye ball looks like this}


{eye ball suffering from Glaucoma looks like this :shock:}


Tip: to improve night sight, eat more carrots as they have Vitamin A that is good for our retina (the red and blue veins).


Moving on from Biology and eye study, as mentioned earlier, Malaya Optical carries many, many designer frames. Here are 3 that i find interesting:


{the ribbon frame}


{the Spidermanframe}


{tinged pink}


i’m wearing a pair of designer sunglasses ByWP that Ryan picked for me. It is so light i thought i lost it every time i wear it on my head!


{Ryan, me, and our thumbs, up!}


Do you know that every customer receives a Chupa Chups during each visit to Malaya Optical? Click like here if you like the sweet idea. 😉


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  1. Nice lipstick colour wei……
    Did you know you have a very sweet smile and the colour enhances it more…:)

  2. I’d like a pair of sunglasses too! But every time I try one on, I feel they’re too big for my rather small-ish face 🙁

  3. wow those sunnies are dope!!

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