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React – Just Do It!

Everyone’s life is a unique story – the security guard we see every day, the neighbor we never spoke to, you, & me. Our stories are being written as we live & breathe. It’s just so easy to forget that sometimes. But how do we make our story epic? How do we make our life count?

Remember the last time you were soaring as you chase your wildest dreams; achieving & succeeding? Or that darkest point in life when you find yourself walking alone along lonely paths like a phantom . . . & survived? Nike React We all have them & we have them all. That is why we are more than just flesh & blood. We are made of moments & challenges that build & shape us into stronger individuals. But life’s most epic moments is when we least expect it to be. What happens when life throws itself at us? We react. How we react in our journey especially when it gets tough, reflects who we are.

To make life epic, we have to be the hero of our own story –

make decisions, take risks, admit our mistakes, learn how to move on.

To make life epic, we should dig into our fears & turn them into courage.

To make life epic, we must weave passions into what we do every day

& believe that even our wildest illusions can turn into reality.

When I traveled solo, they said because I’m a married woman, I should stay.

When I took my ACE certification, I was told to wait because I don’t have a full-time job; the house is my responsibility.

When I got certified to train pregnant & postpartum women, some think I should be having a baby instead.

What did I do? I slip on my go-to everyday shoes & disappear in stride on a smooth ride. I don’t need to be told & I don’t care what they say. Call me crazy; because I am my it – with my Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit.

Soft, snug, secure, sock-like & lace-free, an epic pair of shoes doesn’t demand. It is loyal. It provides – stability, flexibility & lightweight breathability (thanks Flyknit technology!). It walks with me whichever path I choose & gives me the speed to run as free as a phantom whenever I enhance tractions in my story. Through heartbreaks, the best moments of my life, through everything. Godspeed. This is why Nike REACT is my go-to everyday shoe. This is why I love Nike. Everyone has 1 shot at life. Make it count. It starts with you. Write your story hard & true because it deserves a great storyline. If that’s easy to forget, this is easy to remember: JUST DO IT.

My Favorite Ways to Style Nike REACT for Everyday Wear

Look I


Look II

To the most versatile, comfortable, stylish shoe in the world: Nike Epic Phantom React Flyknit, till death do us part!


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