{5 Things}

Juggling between blogging, teaching kids, and studying Spanish, while balancing it all off with an upbeat social life can be daunting more often than not. That is why it is important for me to identify the 5 things that “brings” me home when i got swept away by the tides of life. Here are 5 new items that currently make me happy:

1. These bead bracelets


{because they are from a|x and also my first gift from Philippines}

2. This gift


{because it came with a sweet neat message that makes me smile every time i shower}

3. This Balsamic Apple & Don Carlos oil


{because they simply make cooking much more delicate}

4. This new scent by Victoria’s Secret


{because they give just the right hint of fragrance when i don’t feel like bathing in heavy notes}

5. This book


{because it reminds me of how it’s like to taste my mother’s cooking when i was 5}

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  1. hi dear, i looooove your blog. may i know what camera are you using?

    1. hi there, i’m using Canon S90 😉

  2. OMA! Suke nye colorful beads tuhh!!!

  3. darlin’ what’s that book all about? can’t be a cook book right? where do i get one?

    1. it’s about a lil girl who can taste her mother’s emotions in her cooking. i got it from MPH! 🙂

  4. Love the bracelets and the new scent from Victoria’s secret! (:

    1. Victoria’s Secret is alwaysss nice kan? hehe~

  5. u are so beautiful ….. and honestly i feel that u look very happy …

    1. thank you, jackson… ^^

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