How to Bath a Hedgehog

It takes me half an hour to shower, but it takes almost an hour for Carpet to take a bath. Memang princess! T__________T

At first, we got her her very own bathtub :


Mixing hot and cold water…


The problem is, this tub is too shallow Carpet keeps climbing up! She doesn’t seem to like water too much. =/

But Carpet has got to do what a hedgehog’s got to do!


We grab Carpet by the hand, get a baby toothbrush, and gently brush her quills.  ^^


But the moment we put her back in her tub, she tries to escape again. SHE KEEPS DOING THAT!!! T__________T

So we came out with a better idea :


We bathed her in my bathroom sink. Ha Ha..  And yea, that’s a piece of her shit there you see…

Here is a super short video of her attempting to escape bathing session. It looks like she is swimming! Damn cute  XD :

So to summarize the whole thing, these are the things you need to bath a Carpet hedgehog :

  • Your sink (sanitize it with Dettol after!)
  • Warm water (hedgies DO catch colds)
  • Baby soap (because it is tear-free :D)
  • A baby toothbrush (so you won’t drop the quills)
  • A hair dryer (to dry your hedgie before putting her back into her home)

That’s basically all you need. I hope you enjoyed watching the video! lol

I love Carpet very much, but she has too much sentimental value in her. Each time I see her she reminds me of someone because we bought her together. Therefor I am contemplating if I should sell her away…

Do you think I should? ):

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  1. Kai Han Pua on

    finally back to happy post and im the 1st to comment ;P
    cheer up woman !

    read ur tweet. u coming to australia? which part ?

    1. u at OZ too? i’m goin to Gold Coast / Brisbane

      1. Kai Han Pua on

        yup, im from melbourne !! ^^ what u gonna do at goldcoast/brisbane ?

      2. jalan n makan la what else lol

  2. wow….so cute!!!!!!!!!

  3. after reading your previous post,I think you should give Carpet away and get a new pet which will comfort you. I’m sorry about what happened but life goes on. Wish you the best!

      1. probably as your friend suggested below,temporarily send it to your parents place or brother’s or any good friends that you trusted to take care of carpet till you feels better.I threw everything away that makes me feel bad,lol.

  4. don’t sell her ! look at her and
    remember happy times, block out the sad memories .. after
    all, she’s a cutie 🙂

    1. … (: make me mm seh tak – good! haha

  5. Sell a pet just because it brings back unwanted memories?
    That’s not a very nice thing to do at all.

    1. that’s y i’m asking opinions, & it’s not like i’m giving it away to bad people laa… -___-

  6. Don’t cut your nose to spite your face.
    Your cutie hedgehog has more than sentimental
    value, she can teman u when you are lonely.
    The dreamgirl will get to know her dreamman
    n become the dreamcouple.Don’t you despair.

  7. so cute! dont sell!

  8. Kesian carpet, running for her life from the bath > <. I don't think you should sell carpet away, why?

    1.U do adore her alot
    2.I find her cute
    3.I dun think she remembers the guy cuz she stays at ur place.

    I vote that u keep her 😉

    1. each time i c her her quills prick my heart la.. haha

      1. cleansing the guy’s stain ma ;D

  9. eh, u are not afraid that she may eventually gets a heart attack each time u bath her??

    1. no lah! ahahhaa swt!

  10. please sell petpet away,
    but i will be missing call her petpet every time i visit her wtf

    1. thanks, she has always been.. (=

  11. Cin, carpet is not an object nor a toy…shes a cutie pet!..she may not show her love…but she sure have ways to make you laugh right? Sell her away…no lah…either you get someone nice to take care of her like their own or..send her to your family house where mummy & daddy can play with her too..heheh.. just a suggestion. But selling?? A no no…she feels it too although she cant show it..

    1. she feels it? :/ Y LIKE THAT?! i betul2 nak nangis lah FML

  12. Giving Carpet away? NO WAY LA!! Even she reminds you someone bad. But, Carpet means more than that to you la. Not only carpet reminds you of him, your house, your living enviroment, and everywhere. So don’t you think you should move out of Malaysia then…. So just move on and face what you need to face. Get up on where you have been fallen down. Wish you all the best.

    1. sigh~ making me mm seh tak.. i love her but she makes me hard 2 move on cuz i have to feed her everyday T.T

  13. Carpet is a cutie ! She can makes u smile every single day , think of the bright side !

  14. U shldnt sell her

    Cos unfair to here babe..

    Liddat also means u got loads of other things to sell or thrash and it will nv be the end of it

    Face your fears k?

  15. dun think u should sell her. imagine having a child and the father is a jerk, are you going to sell or give away the kid? be strong…if you think the quills prick your heart everytime you look at it, do you think it will heal just when it is no longer there? i think you will feel even more at loss when Carpet is no longer around. cheer up! 🙂

    1. ………………………. ouch la! )’=

  16. carpet so cute! =))
    seriously, if she’s making you upset you should give her

    1. she really is… URGH! but i love her~

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