I never knew the tag line for GUESS sounds like this :


I always thought that GUESS focuses on bags or shoes but last Saturday, I realized how wrong I was to have such perception.


Actually, GUESS is known for its rocker roots with the denim collection.

When skinny jeans hit the fashion industry, the very first perception most people got (including me) was that it is just gonna be a “come & go” trend.

However, over the past couple of years, skinny jeans have proven that it is here to stay for long!

Having that said, GUESS can’t wait to share with you their newest product that is :




It is sooo skinny my sejengkal pun tak sampai.


I am super addicted to this pair of jeans especially after seeing celebrities like Jessica Alba, Gwen Stephanie, Christina Aguilera, and many more wearing them on the streets of Hollywood.

How can you possibly not own a pair for yourself, right?!

Last Saturday, I was given the opportunity to try GUESS’s Global-Inspired Collection. Lucky me~

A pair of Caucasian models was there to parade the clothes and serve delicate GUESS chocolates to the customers…


I shall start with the ‘cute’ male model… lol




What about some Asian faces for a change? (:


Me | Ming

Now it’s time to ‘test power’ for our skinny jeans!!! 😀


1st picture fail – forgot to adjust camera settings T_____T


A different top I tried on with a pair of black Power Skinny.


This, a different kinda skinny. I love this pair so much but it was the last pair so I didn’t take it. I always believe in getting new stock one lol.


If you ever get this pair of skinny jeans, pair it with a body hugging grey top like me okie~ Chio one!


And if you have a cute belly button…


Why choose to hide it? ;P


Jeans by Marciano


See the Marciano tab on my ass shinning bright? haha


Cute GUESS ballets to…


…pimp up casual outfits when you’re too lazy to think!


One of my favourite GUESS totes in store this season.

Moving on to dresses :


I adore this cute army green dress with a zip in front all the way down~

Now why don’t you try GUESS what I bought?  😀


#1. Obviously GUESS POWER SKINNY (BLACK)! <3


How do I feel in it? Like a SUPERSTAR.


If skinny sounds tight and uncomfortable to you, I’m gonna prove you wrong. Cuz look,


The material is so stretchable I can even cam whore in this yoga pose lol!


#2. A very GUESS top to go with my Skinny.


It’s named Harmony Top from the Young Contemporary Spring 2010 collection.


Check out my sexc back!  xD


#3. A pair of GUESS sunnies.


I’ve always been dreaming for one and FINALLY~!


It’s mine!  ;p

My favourite buy is the Power Skinny. Why? Below is a part of my closet where I hang all my tops :


Now I can mix & match every single piece with my new pair of skinny black jeans!

Fashion is not about buying new things; it is about recycling what you have and make them new again. (=


Have you gotten your Spring & Summer 2010 Collections? Well, if you haven’t it is not too late because the season has just started – – –


Now you know where to go to get that celebrity look.  X O X O

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  1. Seeexy photos but as for skinny jeans for me…nuh-huh i don’t like getting my polo stick SQUISHED :p

    1. hahaha! but if u get the one for guys, i think won’t gua!

  2. that’s a lot of cloths!

    1. i know rite!! tell me about it >_<

  3. one lucky babe with a good good life. 😀

  4. Hmmmm skinny jeans. not for me. Looks good on you.

  5. been thinking to get jeans… maybe its time i step in to Guess. Haven’t shop dr sana..

    1. haha.. can try can try~!

  6. skinny jeans is for skinny/thin ppl but not for me 🙁 thighs is just too big.. argh!!

    anyway, i bought the black top which u took pic with 🙂 it’s not cheap.. sigh~

    1. no la! skinny jeans makes u look sexier if u r curvy! i m serious

    2. how much is the black top?

      the white 1 is the same version?

      im interested in gettin te white 1 :p

      1. the white one is SO NAISSS! but dont have my size FML – the price i think ard 200 bucks T.T

  7. yeh looks sexy with the skinny jeans ! skinny jeans is for skinny people eh..

    never know that skinny jeans also quite stretchy, can yoga somemore!

  8. Shopping and modeling is good therapy for you.
    I guess that you are still OK when you go GUESS.
    Keep it up.

    1. actually that was the next day after the ‘incident’. >_<

    2. At least you pour it out although
      you are grieving inside (keeping it bottled up
      is worst for your health)No wonder you
      look so gaunt lately.Eat well for you are looking
      too thin.

      1. is it obvious =/ shit!

  9. haha another post that i like…
    now something new in my list, skiny jeans and t-shirts =)

    i read ur tweet too!
    sweet smile suit u and it brings luck for u, so SMILE =)

    1. Hi Joanncys, thank u so much. m trying to b as +’ve as i can… (=

  10. NICE! So tempted to get one.. But I GUESS it kinda pricey too…

    1. got siu siu ler… sakit hati lol

  11. zomg sista! the power skinny jeans is so chio! how much ah? but UK din have much of GUESS, apparently its a US brand la. =(
    but hey.. i like the jeans so much! and i msn-ed u, but din get ur reply. but i think you’re on msn with ur BlackB.
    shopping is the best therapy yarrr. and wei wei. i bot something for ya when i go shopping todei too! 🙂 heeee. ur bday prehseng with stil with moi. see u when i m back this summer!!! 🙂 miss yah exoh

    1. it’s like 300+ lol~ u buy UK one first, come back only get GUESS! ha~ xD

  12. Ya rite, totali agree with ur words “Fashion is not about buying new things; it is about recycling what you have and make them new again. ” <3

  13. Hello, cindy! You have such a slender figure. You look really good in the jeans. Can you share some of your lose weight tips? I am trying to lose my belly fat and eliminate the muffin top.

  14. Cindy, you are so elegant and cute.
    Do you have a gallery of all your pictures ? I loves your pictures, so sweet.

    1. erm, Facebook? 😀

  15. claps to your yoga pose!

    1. haha! Thanks man~ ^^

  16. hi cindy..

    luv al te guess clothes shown there..

    may i know which outlet is that cz not all the guess shop

    have all te same outfits and im interested in buying some

    of the clothes..

    thx n cheers !!

    1. hey there! i went to the one at Pavilion 😀

  17. cindy! you are so slim!
    may i know what is your height and weight? thx ^^

  18. OMG.. I love Guess, you made me wanna go down to US for shopping. Maybe I should go down for my weekend. Guess is soo much cheaper there, at the outlet stores. Maybe try to find something to dress up sexy fot the summer here in Canada.

    1. u r at Canada? my parents studied n met there lol!

      1. Wow, that’s cool. I am in Vancouver Canada.. It is not much to do here, but got great people. Also fashion is not too big of deal here either. So I have hard time finding cute clothing.

      2. really? But Avril is from Canada got cute clothes! lolol

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