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Update :

I have 2 good news, 1 joke and a crazy ending to share with you. So here is a 3 minutes video, do watch lol :

I swear it was the cough syrup. Suddenly my mind went blank and I felt uber sleepy FML. hahahaha///XD

But here I come, Australia!!!

* * *

I know CNY was a few months back =/ but I shot this video already, so why waste it right?!

Here I introduce to you an wide assortment of cookies mom baked herself. I hope this gets as close to tasting ’em.

Enjoy! (=

p/s: I’ll update again tonight. Now in office cannot! Sshhh~ XD  ♥

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  1. horr! i tell your boss! ^^

    saw you yesterday at Project Alpha.
    wanted to take pic with you too when i took pic with audrey but i was tooshy to ask. ><

    1. haha! y u shy~ haih… mesti my face too emo thats y fml

      1. no la.
        i shy cz i just started reading your blog yesterday.
        i don’t even know you that day but i wanna take pic with you.


  2. EEE love your top and the cookies and making me hungry in office! >_<

    1. haha! top from miss selfridge 😀

  3. Can I have some?
    Sound delicious the way you intro.

  4. Haha.. I am a pastry baker, loves to bake and eat. But your mommy is GOOD, made all those goodies for ya. Lucky girl.

  5. Come say Hi if you do drop by Sydney 😀

    1. i’m not goin Sydney ler… ):

  6. come to Adelaide 🙂

    1. Adelaide?! no ler, not going T_____T

  7. you going there for your masters degree??

    1. no lah! jalan-jalan lol~

      1. good. it’s time to let your hair down and de-stress after all the heart wrenching moments you are going thru now. have a fun trip ya.

      2. 😀 thanks suzie~

  8. Cindy, be strong, you looked upset even though u tried to smile and be happy, you dont need to if you dont want… everyone has a right to be upset when they encountered changes and problems in life.

    You dont force yourself to be recovered very soon if you really fall painly. Believe times will always a medicines that will cure your broken heart.

    Know more better & sincere friends like Kelvin and your world will be more wonderful. Bad guys? just ask them to fuck off..

    Take care.

    1. i look upset? can see?! =/ haih FML laaa

  9. Now I remember my birthday is just around the corner as you mentioned those dates.. :S

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