Nothing thrills me more than being able to update this city. And when i say city, i mean Cin City.

i had the time, but the past two posts were advertorials and they had to stay up for at least 48 hours. Therefor, here comes a weekend post about the (late) Mid Autumn Festival. ^^


Received this Limited Edition Mid-Autumn Godiva chocolates from Jason coupla weeks ago.




In INside..


Thin Strawberry Slices.


Autumn keychain!


It comes in a pair if i’m not mistaken.


So this is gift #1. Gift #2, is this :


And this, is from my lovely beautiful cousin Raychelle who’s going to UK again to further her Masters in Law T__________T


Can you believe it? i ♥ ALL 5 scents!


Thanks dear cous.

By the way, how did you celebrate Mid-Autumn festival this year? 🙂


a|x & i didn’t celebrate it on the day itself because he was busy, so the next day i surprised him with a moon cake, lanterns, and some candles by the pool!

i even did some research on Chang’er, HouYi and the Jade Rabbit so i could recite the romantic folk story to him under the full moon. And yay, now he knows what a Moon Cake Festival is all about! 😉


i know it’s late, so i’m not wishing you a happy moon cake festival, but i hope you had a great one.

On the other hand, to all berry fans out there :


Now there is the *new* version of berry Curve enhanced with the super 3G features!


Now everything is faster! You can go on to Facebook and check your notifications and it won’t take you forever. Plus the GPS, it’s awesome stuff that one. Loves it!

The good news is, that everyone can have a berry today with Celcom Exec / Biz Plans :


It is practical, affordable, reasonable.

Tell me if you get one!  😉

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  1. you’re welcome dear coussie! miss u here..
    wanted to go KL for gossip + party+ shopping session again but too many preparation work to do before leaving again!!
    but will deffos go again if i can finish it in time!!

  2. waaa i wanna eat!

  3. J’adore is definitely Dior’s BEST perfume!

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