Five Cinspirations

The last week of October was a laid back one with lots of miminho (cuddles) and giggles in bed. When our bones couldn’t laze any longer, É and I treated ourselves to a champagne brunch with fresh oysters at our favorite Sunday nook: Ben’s General Food Store. Halloween has never been our thing, so we cozied up at home and listened to the rain, while stirring up a pot of hot and sour soup to warm the stomach. Oh, how I am in love with weekends . . . <3

Meanwhile, here are 5 Cinspirations that made my week:

1. This festive cookie in gold


{because although Halloween is my least favorite celebration, this little surprise found in my shopping bag reminds me that there are many ways to embrace it; even if costume is not my thing}

2. This spooky book


{because I’m ready for a different adventure than ‘Of Mice and Men‘, which in my personal opinion, is one of those books one must read in their lifetime}

3. This new fall dress with bohemian inspired florals


{because it has black lace at both sides, lending the right amount of sexy, whilst making it an even more interesting piece}

4. These perky orchids


{because despite their smiley selves, they are strong too (this is the second week we have them at home) – One should learn to be more like them, even on tough times}

5. This Sunday breakfast dessert


{because this yummy treat in an unexpected wine glass twirled with pure honey, sprinkled with poppy seeds; reminds me dearly of Turkey with my best friend}


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