Fun Scarves!

It was a couple of weeks back. I was waiting expectantly for Kin Wai to pick me up to our Tassie mates reunion dinner.

Since his arrival was kinda delayed, I thought, why not play with my Macbook’s Photobooth while waiting?

So I bla bla blah and did two videos – One on perfumes and one on scarves. You watched the perfume one, so here is the latter :

There are so many ways to wear a scarf; this short video is to show you how I usually do mine. 🙂

And, not to forget, the reunion dinner!


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Funny how things aren’t the same again. Expected, yet not so. Not so…

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  1. i miss wearing my scarf.. haha.. always have it on when i was in Europe.. =)

  2. no……………… i wasn’t there!!! dang it!

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