[AD] Love Your V


Do you know that every girl has a shy little girl friend named Virginia? If you don’t yet know her, let me introduce you our secret BFF, V. She is a bit sensitive and enjoys being intimate, so please be kind to her. She also likes sexy lingeries and perhaps sometimes a bit of love – just like you and me. Can you guess who she is now? 🙂


Today i am about to introduce to you, girls, particularly, the importance of using feminine wash simply because truth is, using water or shower gel alone is just not good enough. Our friend V is like the most kind hearted friend you have who is always there for you, but somehow you unintentionally neglect her as time goes by. For a start, why not try to take her for a swimming date give her a dedicated wash daily? V would definitely tell you that a special, dedicated wash is required to take care of a girl’s most intimate area . . .


When i was introduced to Lactacyd feminine wash for the very first time, i was in love with it. (Sounds cliche, but it was love-at-first-sight for my Virginia.) The scent is marvelous, its texture velvety, and the experience (mm, mmm . . .) absolutely lovely. There are up to 5 delectable varieties, but Virginia’s and my personal favorite is Nourish because it awards an experience of bathing in milk; leaving the skin feeling supple and moisturized. 😀


If you are wondering what this enchanting potion is made of, it is a cocktail of natural ingredients namely Lactic acid and Lactoserum.


Pour about 50 cents size amount of your favorite Lactacyd feminine wash on the palm. Give V a gentle bath and rinse thoroughly with water. It’s just that simple.


Lactacyd is the leading expert and No.1 feminine hygiene wash brand in Malaysia and worldwide that is highly prescribed by doctors and trusted by women for over 25 years. It is clinically proven to provide delicate care as well as protection from odour and irritation with everyday cleansing. All Lactacyd products are dermatologically tested safe and suitable for women at every stage of their life, even for those with sensitive skin.


From left to right:

pH3.5 – Normalises pH with lactic acid & natural milk extract.
Nourish – Extra moisturizing with 10% more milk extract.
Lasting Freshness – Refreshing with lactic acid & natural refreshing babydoll scent.
Revitalize – Youth reviving with Vitamin E & collagen.
White Intimate – Natural lightening with marine & plant based extracts.


Excited for a bath date with Virginia? To start off, you’ll need to pick a bottle of your favorite Lactacyd. (It’s gonna be hard, i warn you!) Lactacyd feminine wash is available at all major pharmacies in 5 variants with various benefits: White Intimate, Revitalize, Nourish, Lasting Freshness and pH3.5. It also comes in the form of feminine wipes to provide on-the-go-freshness (another favorite MUST HAVE product of mine in my handbag).


Give your neglected friend a call today and don’t forget to set an intimate alone time with your BFF, V, tonight. Remember girls, daily showers are simply made special with the simplest things; as long as you allow yourself that deserved treatment. Like Lactacyd’s FB Fanpage here for regular tips on beauty, lifestyle and product promotions and contests. 😉

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