Glitter and Nude to The Moon and Back


Velvet Crush, Sequin Details, Swooning in Nude.

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I said I had been searching for the perfect nude colored bag for at least 2 years – but it’s true. When I said ‘perfect’, I mean a dream size that can fit in almost anything (i.e. a compact camera) if not everything, without looking bulky. Imagine a bag like that in a delicious creamy shade – it would instantly become a wardrobe staple! Every woman needs one, if not the only bag she needs.

I was twice close to getting a Chanel Classic Flap Bag in beige. Thank heavens for the Esmoon bag that came in time to save ~RM25k from burning. At only RM189, you can have a customized bag made of premium synthetic leather. In case you’re wondering, my camera fits in like Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn.

As you might already guess, É’s part-time job is to be my photographer. When he saw me hugging my new bag, he told me I looked like the creature (Gollum from Lord of The Rings) that made the line “my precious” famous. We really cracked up laughing at that. “Nobody would steal your bag ’cause you have your name on it”, he said.

On me and Esmoon’s first outing together, I wore this outfit I’ve always wanted to wear but was missing an au naturel bag – a velvet top from Zara’s Ballet Collection matched with a metallic Topshop skirt altered to the perfect length I would never trade. Though it’s not like there’s anything here I would trade.

This is also my wedding band’s first appearance on my blog, a Cartier Trinity ring on the left, and engagement ring on the right. Even my wedding jewelry from my parents can be seen here. Why wait for the Big Day when we live today? Every day should be a BIG day! 😉







Swarovski Silk Set
ZARA Frilled Velvet Top
TOPSHOP Twinkle Silver Sequin Miniskirt
TOPSHOP Heartbreaker Two Part Heel Sandals
Sometime by Asian Designers Esmoon Iconic Essentials bag in nude


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