5 Cinspirations

Two long weekends make a right – except that I’ve been more absent online and more present in life. These 5 Cinspirations sum up some of my favorite delightful moments the past week but before that, there is ONE message I want to get out there that is: Be Extra Careful.

É was Whatsapping his friend by the road side yesternight, when just like that – an indian guy on a motorbike snatched his phone away. Shocked and on foot, unfortunately we couldn’t chase the bastard down or I would sure as hell poke his eyes out. While we can blame the economy, that times are bad, I’ve been thinking. Truth is, this problem has always persist in Malaysia. Different times, same old story.

Anyway, looking at brighter moments . . .

1. This colorful Mexican deco


{because it is so simple yet unique, bursting with much character for a space above – I’d love to have that for my own ceiling too}

2. This chilled out, lazy Saturday afternoon


{because it was spent with 3 jugs of Margaritas, tons of laughters, with a loved one by my side plus, a bunch of crazy friends that provide the greatest company EVER}

3. This glass of wine


{because sipping it while immersing into such a view is just the way TGIF should look like – no traffic}

4. This group shot of my team mates at work


{because the Cloud 6 team are starting a new tradition of dressing up with a theme every Thursday and I must say, that our first attempt in white-black-grey look pretty handsome!}

5. These corn fritters


{tried at Ippudo, these balls certainly make up for an amazing food invention}


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