Time & Death

Time is accurate in all it’s relativity. Time is time. People, like to create paces for it. We are all guilty for doing so – one minute blaming how time flies, the other cursing how slow it crawls. The only logic i have for time, goes like the old saying “a watched pot never boils”. It is slow, only if you count it. So if you want it to fly, live in the moment.

Death on the other hand, is very near us. If you do look around, you will see it lurking at every corner. The same route you take everyday to work, the knife in the kitchen drawer, or even your very own hands. For example, if you had to die in the room you are in now, i’m very sure you can find a way to; which brings me to my point – It is easier to die than to survive. Yet many take life for granted when they are free from sickness.

Many times a minute feels like forever like when i wait for my food to heat up in the microwave. But honestly, i do think life is really short, especially when no one can tell how much time they have in this world. How we use the time while we are still alive makes it feel that much longer, or shorter. In short, the less meaningful your life is, the longer it feels, and vice versa. Would you rather live a ‘longer’ life that is less meaningful? Here is when many people i know would answer a definite ‘no’, but in return, misuse it.

The saying ‘you only live once’ or YOLO, has been terribly misused these days. Using it in the context of bucket list with items like ‘bungee jumping’ is fine, but when i come across a bad situation where i have to ask someone, “Why are you doing this to yourself?”, the rather shallow answer would usually be “i only live once. Gotta try everything, you know what i’m sayin’?”. And they carried on doing it. Decay.

What are we doing with our time? Smoking cigarettes at commercialized coffee shops? Growing a beer belly at franchised bars? Or playing with our smart phones when we are supposed to interact with people? The current trend now seems to be about blaming social media when truth is, it is what we do with them and how much time we spent on them that makes it that much awesome, or ugly. It’s really not the iPad’s fault.

Look through your Facebook news feed for the past few weeks – How many young people today simply die for all the weirdest reasons like death is a friend? Some people we know, some we feel for. So what makes us think that we are completely excluded? If you are trapped in a bad relationship, an unhealthy habit, or even a meaningless routine; please, rethink. Start to live right – today.

The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Buddha


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