i was awaken by the tranquility outside my window. i had been sleeping with the serene view like a dream inside my head ever since i got a glimpse of it last night, and i couldn’t wait to experience living in it for real. i drew the curtains open to showcase the island bathing in new promises and silvery daylight, as it subtly casted its spell on me. i wished life could be like this – forever.


{beyond words}


{breakfast at the hotel was only hot tea to warm the body before we dropped off the heaviest key chain our hands ever lifted at check-out}

Upon leaving the cosy shelter, every little thing we saw outside greeted us most pleasantly:


{pods and peas. such an adorable way to name / number a house}


{picking lemons and limes}


{en route to the heart of Capri town}


{an overview map of our little journey on foot}

Who goes all the way to paradise, just to spend less than 24 hours there? Me.

i would rather it to be a case of my irrationality to make such ridiculous situation more acceptable, but no. The horrendous Napoli story changed a supposed relaxing vacation to practice bel far niente, into a ‘Chinese tour guide style’ holiday; as we literally chased off the things we wanted to cover in our itinerary:

  • Try Torta Caprese (Cost: 8 €)
  • Experience a gist of Capri (FREE)
  • Visit Villa San Michele (Cost: 7 €)
  • Take the chairlift all the way up to Mount Solero (Cost: 10 €)
  • Take a picture of the 3 pinnacles and Emperor Augustus (FREE)
+ Cost: Italian lunch @ Al Buco Pizzeria : 15 €

Total Cost: 40 €


{a slice of sweet breakfast}


{killed two birds with one stone lemon – explored the island while doing express window + souvenir shopping}


{lived a day in the life of Axel Munthe}


{about to do exactly what this lady is portraying!}


{spotted : Italian rambutans}


{flying kisses}


{reached the peak to discover an undeniable, everlasting beauty of Mount Solaro}


{the three famous pinnacles, now in bite-size nuggets}


{Emperor Augustus; probably trying to do the same pose as me but failed}


{if we had one full day in Capri, this spot would have so been bought!}


{going down . . .}


{even if you don’t trust Italians, you have no choice but to trust this little piece of metal to transport you up and down the mountain}


{on this skeleton of a chair that’s hanging from it}


{sheer happiness always to be remembered, while on the chair}


{the day had only just begun for most, but for us it was the end – it was time for a quick lunch before leaving Capri}


{seeing these two pictures together, you’d know how awesome the pizzas at Al Buco Pizzeria would turn out to be}


{lunch, and my last meal in Italy : Filetto Di Orata All’ Acqua Pazza}


{in a cab on the way down the island; which beauty captivated us so much we missed the boat, and our flight}


{not sure if you can tell, but this is to me obviously the most forced smile i had to pull throughout my Viva Italia trip. (we asked a sailor for help but he wanted a picture together instead)}


So how did we get back to Germany? For some parts i drove on the right side of the road for the very first time across the alps of Switzerland (!) from midnight till dawn. The remaining feelings for this part of the story i shall store for myself.

Complete travel guide on Italy below:



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