Whirlwind Wonday


If Monday had a color it had got to be blue. It was an absolute no-weekend week for me with a few crazy things going on in my life right now; like hungry eagles circulating the sky desperately to attack their prey – me!

In random order, my room renovation; which I decided to go all D.I.Y upon that costs me helluva pain and a tinge of tasteful regret. My first business trip; which escaped me to Singapore and brought me back with heaps to resume at the office. Dealing with difficult people who make you wonder why they even exist; especially when their heads are so hard or mouths are just too big . . .

Then there are moments like this when I chance upon this draft of pictures that captured a once blissful me not too long ago; which I am unsure if I can quite remake today, really. Though I find this context not the most befitting, it will make do for now until my heart clears out and allows for nicer things to be said.  Have yourself a merry Blue Wonday!



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