The Golden Pavilion


Amongst the many things my best friend, Ai Rene, storied me about her home-stay in Kyoto, one of two highlights that really stayed with me was to experience an authentic Japanese tea tradition – for real. I didn’t manage to find out exactly where or how I could taste that kind of exquisiteness the way she described it, but what I did know was that I must visit The Golden Pavilion . . .


This shinning piece of beauty floating above the river was truly a mesmerizing sight to behold, though that’s not quite the best part yet. To me, it was the stroll we took; which unexpectedly led us to a hut serving rich matcha green tea for only 500 Yen per person. *confetti in the air!* Surrounding the area were petite stalls selling Kyoto plum tea and adorable souvenirs like this.


Whether you’ve been here or would simply like to revisit a darling memory, I hope this virtual stroll at our first stop in Kyoto gives you a peace of mind to an otherwise dreary Thursday.


{Neat tree-lined pathway that immediately enters you to Zen zone}


{Red lips and kitty purse for the day! Get the look here}


{From a different perspective, below a golden balcony}


{That giant lazy chair bonsai}


{Being calming and all that jazz}


{Of stones and Buddha}


{Moss roof bedding}


Now echoes one of my most favorite words as a child: “Time for tea!


{This demure Japanese lady taking us through an unforgettable experience of matcha green tea tradition}




Such is a dainty experience I’ll truly treasure as part of my best-loved Japan memories. Have you tried it for yourself yet?


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