Tat Bat


Witnesssing Tat Bat, also known as ‘Monk’s Possessions’ is one of the most unforgettable experiences when I was traveling Luang Prabang. There’s something about making a conscious decision to rise before the sun and be part of a holy morning ritual like this that stirs an awakening in one’s self – internally, especially when waiting in the cold.

Later I learned from a well-versed taxi driver that every man in Laos will be a monk at least once in his lifetime, except that some still drink beer during their course, while others can opt to ‘drop out’ if they figure it’s not what they like to go through. I’ll leave that thought with you, simply because I honestly don’t know what to make out of it. 


{Mats spread out readily by the streets, welcoming locals and tourists alike to give their offerings}


{Watching the dogs wait for the monks’ arrival with their owners is truly an adorable sight to behold}


{Sleeping tuk-tuks and chilly mornings}


{Morning face}


{Finally – the arrival!}


{The amount of offerings received will be all the monks eat for the day, and they usually look like this}


{Village breakfasts made in dawn}


{Leaving on foot to the other part of town . . .}


{End of possession}


{Warming freezing bones under layers of batik}

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