5 Cinspirations

After attending a Christmas party at the office where I (accidentally, really) filled up my body with more wine than my own blood, I battled the entire Saturday through what felt like a major intoxication. While nothing could fix it within 24 hours, for once I am glad when Sunday finally arrives as I knew I would feel more collected today. These are 5 Cinspirations that are supposed to come by yesterday; which definitely makes topsy-turvy better than okay . . .

1. This sketch by my faraway best friend

Room Sketch

{I always admire people who go that extra mile; be it in friendships, at work, etcetera. What I find extremely rare in this world today are those who would do things for another without being asked. I have to admit that I haven’t been a very great friend myself this year. Receiving this (unexpected) sketch from Ai Rene storying her interpretation and solutions for my room-under-renovation was a good reminder and true inspiration for me to be a helpful friend full of surprises}

2. This shot taken during my brother’s graduation


{because while everyone was busy being all smiles, we went nuts with it; as always}

3. This upside down lamp


{because I have a random obsession with yellow furniture as a statement piece for spaces recently}

4. This drizzle against my bedroom window


{because I love the rain dearly whenever I am indoors – especially when I’m cozying up in my own crib}

5. This pair of Nike pants from Tokyo


{because whenever I feel a tad too lazy or demotivated, I slip into this pair of striking pants to kick my own ass and start doing things around}

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  1. Nice sketches.

    And I prefer more on your travel fashion post. 🙂 Cheers~


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